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4 Ways to Rock a Scarf This Fall

This post is compensated by Dryel -- an amazing sponsor who make Thriftanista in the City possible. I love wearing scarves and they are my favorite fall accessory. Dryel keeps them fresh, clean and ready to be styled!

how to tie a scarf

I cannot resist thrift store scarves. They come in so many beautiful colors. They're cheap and plentiful but what can one do with so many scarves? Wear them, of course!

A scarf is the the perfect accessory for any wardrobe. It can function as jewelry, a color accent, and an extra layer. It's easier than carrying a jacket. You can can either stuff one in your bag or wear them which is what I love to do.

dryel home dry cleaning freshens up your favorite fall accessories
Before rocking my new to me scarf, it must be cleaned though. Some of my scarves are silk or vintage and made of delicate fabric so I don't like to put them in the washing machine.

I Dryel instead. I certainly don't want to spend a lot of money dry cleaning scarves I've paid less than $3 for. Some were as low as 25 cent. I'm definitely not going to spent $6 plus gas to drop them at the cleaners. Dryel cost roughly .25 per scarf and it does a great job.

Dryel works by using the heat of the dryer along with its ultra cleaning cloth to release chemicals and steam that penetrate cloth fibers. Those vapors remove body soil and odors from the fabrics and then they're vented out of the dryer.

dryel dry cleans and freshens without harsh chemicals

My scarves come out looking better than when they went in and they smell great. No more weird thrift store smell. The color doesn't fade on any of my gorgeous vintage prints. Plus, there's no harsh chemicals. It's environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

4 Ways to Rock a Scarf

It's still pretty hot here but I'm noticing a slight chill in the air when taking V to school in the morning and when the sun goes down. Here are four ways to wear a scarf starting now and well into the fall season.

scarf worn kimono style
Kimono Style Tie the two end pieces of a large square scarf together. Slide arms through the large holes. This scarf was meant as a head wrap but it's perfect as a n extra layer on chilly nights.

scarf worn as a vest
Vest Fold a large rectangular scarf in half and then tie the end pieces together. Open it up and you'll see two holes. That's wear you insert your arms! Mine is actually a yummy piece of fabric I thrifted that I've used as a headscarf, a picnic blanket, and now a vest.   

classic scarf tie
Neck hugger Wrap a long rectangular scarf around your neck as many times around as it will go then tie a knot. You can hide the knot in the back or play around with the tails for a nice accent in the front. I this vintage Sally Gee scarf because of the color combination. I planned to wear it as a headband.

tie a long scarf to wear as infinity scarf
Infinity Knot the ends of a long rectangular scarf to form one very large circle. Wrap it around the neck twice and drape to perfection. I wore this scarf with everything during my Africa trip. It makes a nice sarong at the beach and a protective layer from the sun and mosquitos. It'll will add a nice punch of color to my fall wardrobe.

What's your favorite fall accessory? How do you keep it clean?


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