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Hack the Sack Dress DIY

Confession time. I have an unfortunate love of sack dresses. Sure, I'll own up to culottes and elastic waist. They fit my body well so I'm not ashamed. Like 99.9% of people, shapeless sack dresses are not a good look. I made a few updates to turn my latest comfy thrift find into something less slummy mummy. 

how to shorten the length of a long dress

diy mini dress

Hack #1 - Cut the length.

Yeah it's cozy. It covers all of the fatty parts of my legs. I don't have to shave my legs. If the ac is up high, my legs remain warm. However, the length is just weird. It's not maxi, tea, or midi. It just hangs there being awkward.

diy with floral 90s dress

I meant to chop it to the knee. When you don't take the time to measure thrice, you end up here. A very short dress. I hand sewed the hem before trying it on too. No way I'm doing it over. 

Hack #2 - Clip the buttons.

Eight little faux buttons with no function at all. Only there being dated. No reason to keep them. What's the deal with fake buttons? Why not make them functional? It's the same amount of work involved.

refashion a long dress

I used a seam ripper to cut the buttons off. Went back and cut the button loops too as they absolutely had no purpose.

Hack #3 - Install a cut out.

I wanted to attempt making the dress into a two piece bra top and skirt set. That seemed like a lot of work. More time than I was ready to invest so I went with the easy option - a slash "cut out" across the stomach.

how to add cutouts to a dress

Cut a line above a seam line without cutting into a set of bodice seams. Tuck the raw edge inside and hand tack it in place. Again, I didn't try it on before tacking it all up. I think I could have made a larger slash without having my belly hanging out. 

Maybe later.

Are you a sack dress lover?

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Unknown said...

This is great! I love how it turned out! Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely going to pin this to try out later on my own.

Antionette Blake said...

Such a cute and creative re-fashion!

Lynn Raye said...

Looks amazing.
I love your blog!

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