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{DIY} 5 Minute Pom Pom Shorts

Have you ever been so caught up in a shopping frenzy that you purchase something that is clearly damaged? I do. Had I took my own vacation thrift shopping advice, this would not have happened. Since I ignored myself, I turned ripped pants into pom pom shorts.

diy pom pom shorts

There was a $2 sale going on at Goodwill and clothes were flying everywhere. While checking out, I noticed tribal print joggers laying on the counter. I've been wanting to try the trend so I purchased without knowing if they even fit me or checking for damage.

tribal print pom pom shorts

I get them home and discover there's a pretty big rip along the seam but not on the seam. A repair wouldn't be easy so instead I refashioned them into pom pom shorts. 

pants to shorts diy

Pom pom trim can also be used to tack on a little extra coverage to those short shorts you thought you would wear. It makes a super cute addition to kids clothes too.

Adding the trim is extremely easy to do and only takes 5 minutes using a sewing machine but you can hand sew if you have that skill set. I love instant gratification projects. 

Tools required

loose fitting pants
pom pom trim
matching thread
sewing machine (optional)



1. Cut the legs off of pants to desired length. Instead of cutting across both layers like I do for jean cutoffs, I cut around as you can see in the video demo below. I used the elephants as my guide to make sure the print was uniform.

2. Start at inner seam. Pin trim edge to edge of raw hem on shorts leaving a .5" tail at  the beginning.

3. Sew trim to shorts starting close to top edge of trim. Finish by stitching over tail. Cut away excess trim about a half inch away from the finish. Tuck that tail under and sew over it slowly. It's a small, thick hump to go over.

Sew an additional seam close to bottom edge of trim for extra security.

That's it!

Have you worked with pom pom trim before?

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Liv said...

What a great project. Can't wait to try it out.



Madam Too Much said...

This such a cute DIY and you wear it very well.

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea!

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