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5 Lessons Learned from Thrift Shopping

I'm so excited to finally wear a thrift outfit for a rare mom's night out. My favorite mom friend invited me out to a gallery opening and this is what I wore. It's bright. I know. Thrifting taught me to experiment with color and some other lessons too.

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1. Bright colors are confidence builders.

I found the magenta top and the coral skirt at the same Goodwill thrift trip. I didn't imagine myself wearing them together. A few years ago, I would never have thought to wear such bold colors together. I was a lot less adventurous with my clothes. I wore a lot of black or brown and stuck with what the mannequin wore in the storefront. 

Now I do all kinds of crazy things with bright colors and patterns and I feel more confident about not blending in. That's because of thrifting. I've learned a few style lessons too.

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2. Size labels have little value.

The top is a size small and the skirt is a size 2. Most of my clothes are in the 6 to 8 medium range. I'm a 12 in sewing patterns. With vintage clothes, I'm lucky to fit anything less than a 14. You just never know. You really must try it on if you really want to know if it fits you or not.

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3. Ten dollar outfits can be done.

Three dollars for the top and six dollars for the skirt. That's a heck of a saving for a sassy outfit. I fully intend to wear both pieces again so the price will keep going lower. You can't find those kind of deals at the "wear once and never wash or you will be sorry" stores.

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4. Own your style. 

You have to buy what feels good to you. I put the flouncy top in my cart not expecting it to make it to checkout. I thought it looked like a younger person's style. I liked it though and I liked the way it looked on me when I tried it on. Bought it and I wore it.

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5. Trash really can be treasure.

I love Anthropologie. I almost never see any of the brands carried by the store when I'm thrifting. When I picked the skirt, I couldn't believe someone wanted to get rid of such a lovely skirt. It's a great color. It's simple and classic. I think it's a great addition to any closet but someone else didn't feel that way and I thank them.

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What has thrifting taught you?



Gemma said...

Lovely outfit! Good finds! Gemma x

MSQJ1 said...

I love your hair! The outfit is beautiful!

SkokieShopper said...

What ARE the Anthropologie brands? How do you spot them?

Unknown said...

oh the colours! my God! love them :) like a ripe colourful fruit :) yummy

nicole said...

That's really cute, I love those colors on you!

nicole said...

That's really cute, I love those colors on you!

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