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All in the Details of a Thrift Plenty Skirt

It's rare for me to end up wearing just one piece of thrifted clothing but that's exactly what happened when I decided on the Plenty skirt purchased a month ago. Due to all of the fun elements going on in this mini, I wanted to stick with a black or white top. Started out with a white tee and it was rejected. Black is the better option. It almost looks like a dress.

thrift store skirts

Surprisingly enough, the tee is 7-8 year old and I purchased it at Forever 21. I'm always trashing the cheap store brands for quality and this tank is older than V. The black looks good on it too. So it seems (haha) that some pieces will stand up in the wash. I stand corrected. Cheap but cute little floral dress is in early stage of unravel but I digress.

thrift store tracy reese

The skirt almost didn't make it home with me. It's super short. I like mini skirts but I'm not wearing them everyday. Bending over becomes problematic. I should be bending at the knees but I don't always do that. It's not until I feel the breeze that I remember the limitations of my outfit. 

Besides the length, it's silk which means special washing to adhere to. I can't just dump it in with a mix of everything and then tumble dry it and expect it to come out the same way it went in. Warning tasteless humor ahead..that's what she said. 

thrifted fashion project

However, it made the final cut when I was narrowing down a particularly fruitful thrift day. Why? There's pleating, there's pockets, there's contrasting prints, and the colorful topstitching that made it quite appealing. 

full mini skirt with flat sandals

The detail that I fell in love with most is the buttons. I didn't notice it until I forced it on over my non thrift attire jeans. I was only going in to look and I had just had a major thrift haul two day before. When I saw them, a little "awww" escaped. The tiny ball wooden buttons make it totally worth the $6. 

Do you fall in love with the details versus the entire garment? Is that what makes a piece worthy of buying?

short skirt worn with tank top and sandals
THRIFT Plenty Tracy Reese skirt GIFT handmade necklace RETAIL Jasmin Mitchell Jewelry - Old Navy sunglasses - Forever 21 tee - Kenyan sandals



jenniferjuniper said...

Great skirt, I love the different colours on the hem. Works really well with the shoes too. Details definitely win me over, in a post of mine yesterday I was talking about how the velvet trim on a jacket had really sold it to me. It's the little things that make an outfit feel extra special!

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Perfect skirt for the weather. Love the print, and your sandals!


Antionette Blake said...

Alrighty now...definitely a different length for you! #BLMGirls

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