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Never Judge a Thrift Store by the Cover

Los Angeles has some of the best thrifting I have ever experienced. Even in the sketch part of town there was good thrifting. It was a good reminder for me to not judge a thrift store by what it looks like on the outside.

garnet hill jersey dress

I was happy to discover a thrift store not too far from my hotel when I visited L.A. I hopped a bus and trekked over and discovered I was definitely not in Beverly Hills and the condition of the store was a little scary from the outside.

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I went in and found some some really fab pieces that were in great condition. Oddly enough I found a genuine Masai necklace that I've always been to cheap to purchase in Kenya. When I saw that I knew that I wasn't going to just find the usual cast offs of Tarjay, Forever 21, and Leslie Fay.

thrift store finds

There was a lot of that plus garment district rejects that were beautifully designed and brands known for making quality classics like Garnet Hill. I really liked what they did to make this simple jersey dress appear more polished. It's lazy day casual but can make it to post birthday brunch and still look good.

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The jewelry and sunnies are recent finds. I found them during my #ThriftacularAdventure to Unclaimed Baggage in Alabama. Now this "thrift store" looks absolutely amazing and it's a tourist attraction. Super pretty. 

I went in thinking the prices were going to be too rich for my blood. Yeah, some of it was but most of it was decently priced and the costume jewelry was extremely low priced between $1 - $5. Most of it new. 

casual dress for moms

Moral of this train of thought. Never let a bit of grime deter you or ride pass the pretty one without checking it out. You just never know the affordable treasures you'll find.

What does your favorite thrift store look like? Is it glam or gloom outside?

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THRIFT Garnet Hill asymmetrical dress - jewelry - sunglasses - Crown Vintage sandals



Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Ah, yes. I have been to thrift stores that look so janky on the outside, but I actually always seem to find the best items there, lol! My fave thrift store is neat and clean, and is pretty appealing on the outside. But again, many thrift stores that "look" blah or drab have some great finds! Love your dress. Very pretty!


Madam Too Much said...

You look Awesome in this dress!

Unknown said...

Love this asymmetrical dress! It hugs you in all the right places :)

I totally agree with you on finding awesome pieces in unlikely places. I tend to psych myself up that some of the smaller thrift stores and those that look like they need a facelift, have better treasures to unearth.

Unknown said...

Lovely dress! I haven't been thrifting in a while, but my favorite store is not fancy at all. I have been able to find some great bags and blazers there so that's always amazing!

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