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{Pinspired} Caftan Fever

I've been pretty obsessed with caftans this summer. My pinspiration is a dress worn by The Fancy Pants Report. She's wearing an H&M dress. I loved the basic shape and that's why I thought of it when I made myself a caftan.

caftan dress with african print

It's amazing how such a simple design can be so beautiful. While in L.A., I went on a caftan hunt for a vintage one and had a bit of sticker shock. None less than $35. For the right one, I would have paid it but none turned out to be it.

caftans pinterest

The "new" caftans are ridiculously expensive except for the cheap ones I found that were poorly constructed with crap fabric and bad stitching.

african print dress ideas

My solution? Make my own. I was very excited to discover that not only is this a super easy project but quick too. I used african print fabric from my Uganda trip and I just love how it turned out.

ankara print outfit ideas

It's cool and easy to throw on and I made myself some super high slits for a little leg action and to take full advantage of any breeze that may come my way.

diy summer caftan

The fabric I chose is one of the least liked of my stash. I picked it when I was trying to bundle for a "good deal". The fabric didn't speak to me. I didn't know what to do with it so it became my caftan making test fabric.  Now that it's fully formed into a garment I adore it.

caftans for summer

I wasn't going to make a belt because I wanted it to be a total let the belly hang free piece but it looks so good on the H&M dress I went for it. I won't wear the belt all the time. When I'm going from point A to B, I'll just throw the dress on and go. I'm kinda thinking I need one for every day of the week.

Are you into caftans?

caftan with ankara print fabric
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Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Gorgeous print. Lovely!


Madam Too Much said...

I love this on you and you wear it so very well. You just Inspired me to dust off my sewing machine. Enjoy your Summer.

Unknown said...

You look stunning! Loving this color on you!

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