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Rompers Aren't Practical But Who Cares

I love how vintage can transport you back to special moments in your life. I hate to call this retro romper vintage because the 90s were yesterday, right? When I laid eyes on this one at Runway Boutique in Los Angeles, It brought back memories of high school..and crushes..and picnics..and summertime..and being awkward. I had to have it. It's my childhood.

90s vintage romper

I wore it this weekend for a fun afternoon of tie dying and day drinking creating more memories so maybe 20 years from now I'll be pulling the romper out or discovering one like it in the thrift store and laugh because diy and martinis with friends in my 40s equals good times too.

thrift store romper

Rompers were my thing way back when and I still love them now. That little voice in my head was saying "you're about 40 years too old for that bloomer bottom, girl". As you can see, I ignored that and bought it anyway. 

romper summer

I'm reliving my youth and expressing my love for elastic waistbands. When a garment can help you fondly remember the good times, it's worth it. I paid $10 for that memory and the uniqueness of this romper in particular.

rompers are impractical

It's girly fun in florals and coconut shell buttons. It was made for frolicking on a hot summer day. My leopard print romper with the short short bottom is not the frolicking type. That one is all sexpot serious and doesn't get out much. The less movement the better to ensure there's no butt cheek mishap. Even though that seems to be the "in" thing right now. My goodness. 

floral romper

Anyway, this romper with the bloomer butt gives me free reign to jump, kick, stretch, tie dye and romp. Ha! 

It's all good until it's time to go to the bathroom.

Do you own any rompers? Have you seen an increase in butt cheek exposure this summer?

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