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The Summer of Thrift Store Midi Skirts

Sometimes I can't find a place for certain thrift finds in my wardrobe and end up not wearing them very much. This midi skirt is at the other end of the spectrum. I wore it often last summer and plan to repeat this summer. It has so much going for it plus it's easy to throw on and go without ironing. Who can see the wrinkles in all that print?

thrift store midi skirt perfect for summer in a fun 90s print

Short skirts give me the longest leg illusion. I get tangled in maxi skirts as they often drag the ground and go under my feet. Midi skirts don't do much for leg lengthening effect but they sure do make me happy. This thrifted wonder has pockets which makes it an even more awesome thrift store find.  

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This skirt was in heavy rotation last summer and now that I've put away the winter threads, I've rediscovered it and plan to do it all over again. I like that it's a straight cut versus the full circle so often seen on midis.

Fun summer skirt with a 90s print

The print has the classic bold colors of the 90s going in all different directions. Remember those polyester track suits? It's like that but a lot less dated, I think. I thought it would be fun to pair it with the t-shirt with the funky winged shoulders that are reminiscent of 80s -- the decade of big shoulder.

how to wear a midi skirt this summer

I love finding unique thrift store pieces. The tag is not readable on the t-shirt and I hate that I don't know more about where it came from because I would like to see what else they have to offer. I imagine they are a cute and quirky little boutique with many things I would want in my closet.

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The shoes are from mom's closet. She has so many things and I love thrift hunting through her closet. She likes big baubles, sequins, and color just as much as I do! It's passing down the line because when V gets "fabulous", she wears all those themes at the same time.

What items are in heavy rotation in your closet? Is it thrifted?

Casual summer skirt from a thrift store. Easy to wear and affordable in many bright, fun colors for summer.
THRIFT t-shirt - vintage skirt FREE starfish necklace - Giani Bini sandals


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Lisa said...

The straight midi looks so good on you- what a great thrifted find!

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