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4 Reasons to Wear Mini Skirts Over 40

Sunday was Mother's Day and I felt very sharp in a little pleated mini skirt thrifted from Goodwill. I'm a month away from 41 and whenever I slip into my short skirt, I always think about the "no mini over 40" rule. Who thought up such a thing? Thirty-nine is ok but at 40 you should go ahead and toss them out?

4 reasons to wear mini skirts over 40

4 Reasons to Wear a Mini Skirt Over 40

As thrifters we have an adventurous spirit already but if you put the mini skirts in the dark part of the closet once you hit the big 4-0, here's four reasons to bring them into the light.

1. Mini skirts lengthen legs. My number one reason for liking mini skirts is that my legs look longer in them. When I have on a short skirt, I don't feel so squat in flats and flats are what I wear most of the time. When I do pair with heels, I feel even taller!  Minis feed my deep, dark desire for longer legs.

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2. It's hot. Skirts offer free air conditioning on a hot day. Why should you sweat it out in long skirts and pants? Certainly not for my benefit or anyone else's. It's like being naked but way more hygienic. I will say you should probably wear undergarments that day though. Just a suggestion. 

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3. The rules are over. We're in the mixed-print-ugly-is-the-new-pretty-do-you age of fashion. Which fits perfectly with the over 40 crowd. We care less about what others think and are more in tune with what feels good to us and for us.

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4. How you feel in your clothes is most important. A mini skirt on a 40 year old woman who's uncomfortable with her body and a 40 year old woman who's comfortable with her body look completely different. If your confidence level is high, you're going to rock the hell out of whatever you're wearing so if mini skirts were your hot girl favorite in your 20s, you can certainly pull it off in your 40s and beyond.

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Do you wear mini skirts and dresses?

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Madam Too Much said...

You are rocking this mini and it sure works for you. I am way over 40 and if my legs were not so varicosed I sure would be showing them. . . I never heard of that rule, so rock on Sista!

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