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Pinterest ThriftFit

My Mocha Fab is back again with another guest post. This time featuring a Pinterest inspired thrift store outfit. Enjoy!

Pinterest has definitely given my wardrobe and thrifting adventures their life! I’m a budding fashionista and thrift queen so to speak. I always find and pick great pieces but never seem to put them together in a WOW kind of way for myself. Then I see true fashion geniuses pull similar or the same pieces together, and I’m bummed I didn’t think of it. 

pinterest inspired thrift store outfit

Enter the social media genius Pinterest! Not only have I been able to pull my current pieces together in new fashionable ways but my thrifting passion has exploded. All of the fun quirky things I see and think, “I just know that would look great” I can now get and use my trusty social friends on Pinterest to show me how to bring my fashion visions alive. Thus my creation of the “Pinterest Thrift-fit”, outfits inspired by Pinterest and almost totally thrifted. 

chambray shirt outfit ideas

This gem of an outfit creation I picked up during the Goodwill’s recent 50% off sale. The belted wrap skirt is from the Body by Victoria Secret collection, denim shirt by Girl Krazy, the boots are Donna Karan, the accessories are the only thing not thrifted and come from the Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry collection.   

how to style a black skirt

Have you thrifted great pieces and can’t figure out how to style them? 
Have you tried Pinterest for inspiration?


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Ashleigh said...

Great job on those boots, and that skirt is fantastic!

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