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{Thrift Haul} Vacation Shopping

It had been nearly 6 weeks since my last thrift trip. That's my explanation as to why I walked out of Goodwill $100 poorer. I haven't mega hauled in ages but this store just has so much treasure! I went back to the same Goodwill from December's thrift haul. I bought 9 dresses, 4 tops, 6 bottoms, and a pair of shoes bringing my average per item to $5. Over budget but I'm quite pleased with my vacation wardrobe.

thrift haul goodwill

I went thrifting specifically for clothes to wear on on my upcoming Kenya trip. I want to be cute, comfortable, and remain cool. It's will be hot and I am absolutely looking forward to the heat.

My favorite item in the haul is the Vince Camuto tunic which looks like a dress on me and will be known as such going forward. Normally not a fan of shapeless frocks but this one works well with my body and feels good on. It retails $98 new.

The next two dresses have elastic waistbands -- my fave. Both have a good fit which I found shocking since most junior sizes don't work on my shape. The floral dress has a lower back cutout. Since my lower back is better looking than my upper back, I am pleased.

thrift haul goodwill designer dresses

Sorry about the bad wrap job I did on the blue silk ethnic influenced dress. It doesn't fit Carrie the Mannequin very well and I wanted to show all the gorgeous details including the gold seams. 

The plum colored dress happens to be maternity and retails $108. I thought it was some kind of cool convertible but nah. It's for pregnant ladies. Only slightly bothered that I couldn't tell when trying it on. 

The polka dot wrap dress is H&M. I don't shop H&M retail because of quality issues but I figured I'd give it a try thrift. It's well made and midi length which I like.

thrift haul goodwill wrap dresses

These are my vintage 80s / 90s dresses. The long blue dress fits Carrie's bust and doesn't fit mine. I shall wear it as a duster. I like the tropical vacation vibes it was giving.

The safari dress looks very sterile and flavorless except for the hue. Orange is my color and I love it even more with gold accents. The cut was so right when I tried it on. I had to get it even though it's a bit structured for the lazing about I plan to do. 

The blue pull-on dress screamed beach cover-up. Wide and airy with a side pocket too!

thrift haul goodwill vintage dresses

Since I'll be in Kenya, wearing an elephant graphic tee is must. I'm still in love with neon colors and the bright tee has side ruching. The purple tee is an Anthropologie brand and is extremely soft. The last top is a true tunic and feels right for vacation dressing. 

thrift haul goodwill anthropologie

Floral elastic and drawstring waist shorts I will never ever say no to. The Adidas shorts had the creamsicle color going for it. Two pairs of khakis for the non beach part of the trip. I thought the Marc by Marc Jacobs cropped leggings were just too cute with squirrels and bunnies on them. Bonus points for being a designer brand and actually being cropped on my short legs.

designer clothes at the thrift store

When I first started thrifting, I knew the Banana Republic Martin fit was perfect on me and that's still true today.  This pair has tapered pant legs -- another favorite of mine. 

Yellow flats are fun and were kind of an impulse on the way out purchase. New too! No signs of wear.

Whew. That completes my thrift haul. 

Do you like my finds?



Tricia Hersey said...

i am drooling.

Rustown Mom said...

Wow, not a bad haul. I am looking forward to the day I can start up thrifting again!

Marigene said...

Wish I could go into a thrift store and come out with the awesome threads you did!

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

These items are great! I especially love the yellow flats, elephant t-shirt and orange dress. NICE finds!


Unknown said...

goodwill is one of my favorite stores, hands down! love the floral dress!

Unknown said...

goodwill is one of my favorite stores, hands down! love the floral dress!

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