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{DIY} Color It New for a Fresh New Look

I was in the middle of a DIY shoe refashion going horribly wrong when I was asked to review actress Kristina Anapau's Color It New aerosolized colorant. To say the least, I was excited and really open to the easy way. I moved my project to the dark side of the closet and focused my attention on this quick, instant gratification project instead.

Color it New is unlike the can of paint you'd pick up at the hardware store. It is formulated specifically to bond with surfaces made of leather, rubber, plastic, suede, canvas, and satin. It works on handbags and belts, wallets, cell phone cases, and other accessories as well.


It doesn't come any easier than Color it New. Everything you need to change the color of your shoes is included in a cute little kit: one bottle of Color It New, an instruction guide, protective gloves, two cleaning towelettes, a 2' x 3' tarp, and masking tape to cover the areas of your shoe that you don't want colored.

paint shoes with color it new

My color choice was The Tickle Kit from the newest collection. I thought it would be a more vibrant pink color but it's actually kind of a muted dusty rose shade. I wish there was a way to get swatches by mail because I was a little surprised by how it looked when I started spraying. The color is growing on me but it's far different from shoe colors I would normally be drawn too. It is very reminiscent of Pantone's Spring 2015 Strawberry Ice so even if it's not my particular favorite, it is very much on trend.

paint shoes tutorial

The shoes I worked with are an eggplant purple color and I hardly ever wear them which makes them perfect for a refashion. I would recommend that you do the same or pick up a thrift store pair for your first color change diy. If it's a mess then nothing's really lost.

I have to say I was so frantic about the coloring part that I scanned the directions instead of actually reading them and that part about keeping the nozzle 8 - 12 inches away from shoe and using quick even sweeping motions.

It was easy to use and only took 15 minutes to apply. There are no primers, second coats or sealers. You just have to tape off the areas you don't want painted (probably the longest and most tedious part). Next time I will probably add a coat of vaseline on the heel caps to stop the paint from adhering to those areas. My tape off was a little sloppy and I have some paint on black caps and on the bottom of the shoe. It's not noticeable but it's definitely not perfect.

pink shoes outfit

The end result is a couple of uneven patches which I totally attribute to user error. Because I kept trying to "correct" certain areas, I ran out of paint before I discovered a huge light patch that's noticeable when you look very close. I don't expect anyone to be that close to my shoe so that fine.

Next time, I'll go a bit slower. I have my eyes on the monarch and nymph kit which means I'll have to thrift more shoes!

Do you have shoes you'd like to #ColorItNew?

color shoes pink


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