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Ignite Passion with a "Suite" Valentine's Day Gift for Him

This #CollectiveBias #LoveOurVDay date night of passion is sponsored by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

My husband and I don't get out much as a couple. Our date nights before parenthood were usually fancy dinners, reggae clubs, concerts, and travel. Now that we have Ms. V with us we don't do those things very often. We don't have a babysitter and she doesn't have id for "the club".

Valentine's Day or date night gift #shop

We've only left her with people she knows very well. We've moved so we no longer have her favorite uncle and auntie to watch her. That leaves us with a total of 0 date nights out since we moved in August. I'm sure we'll be home on Valentine's Day.

Given our circumstances we just have to be creative in getting in our time together as a couple. Our darling daughter goes to bed at 7p faithfully which means we have approximately 12 hours of us time in the house. That's enough time to hold hands on the couch. Make popcorn and enjoy a movie. Have a candlelit dinner for two dressed in our date night clothes or dance around the house in our birthday suits.

We find ways to stay connected without ever having to leave the house.We can do one or all of the above if we're feeling adventurous.

DIY Valentine's Day Hotel Suite

Valentine's Day is approaching and I have the perfect gift idea for the love in your life -- a night of unforgettable romance and pampering. Just. For. Him. You can create a passion filled night of exploration in your home Valentine's Day hotel suite or bundle your supplies up for a weekend getaway.

It's a great way to nurture the relationship and celebrate the love in your life.


- candles
- sparkling wine
- chocolate
- massage oil
- K-Y® Love pleasure gel

Target has a great candle selection and just so you know red was a popular color during Christmas and you may be able to find beautiful Valentine's Day candles in the clearance section. Just saying.

Naturally you can pick up sparkling wine and chocolates too!

K-Y® Love is exclusive to Target for Valentine's Day. You can find it in the feminine care aisle. Now thru February 14th, it's 10% off with Cartweel savings so hurry up and grab K-Y® Love Sensuality and Passion before they're gone! It's very necessary for Step 5: The Love Tip.

K-Y® Love Sensuality and Passion exclusively for Target #shop


valentine's day gift ideas for him #shop
Step 1: Do Not Disturb Block out some time. With children and busy lives it becomes harder to have intimate moments on a whim. That doesn't mean it can't be exciting and passionate though. In fact, I think it's more exciting because of the anticipation. You can send sweet little nothings via text or leave love notes around the house up until "check-in" day.

nurture the relationship with a romantic date night and K-Y® Love #shop
Step 2: Set the Mood Turn on his favorite music. Run a bath for him. Add rose petals. Light candles. Decorate your room with a theme of love. You are the host. Let your guest know that you are there to take care of all his needs.

ignite passion and romance with K-Y® Love #shop
Step 3: Room Service Keep your strength up and quench your thirst with light refreshments. If champagne and chocolates aren't his thing, beers and macadamia nuts, or juice and fruit all work. I would recommend staying away from heavy, messy foods. Pass on the chips and dip.

heart shaped massage bars for K-Y® Love #shop
Step 4: VIP Amenities Provide a service like trimming his nails or a relaxing scented oil massage. You can go romantic with poetry recitation or off the beaten path with a round of karaoke in bed.

K-Y® Love couple gel exclusively for target #shop
Step 5: The Love Tip A special night deserves a special treat. This one is not just for him. It's for you too. Using a couples pleasure gel is a great way to heighten the connection and feelings of closeness. K-Y® Love helps take the intimate moment next level.

K-Y® Love Sensuality magnifies the love connection with a captivating sensation that inspires both the mind and the body. K-Y® Love Passion helps you nurture the passion in your relationship by heightening excitement for both you and him.

The gift of passion doesn't have to be a one day thing. You can celebrate him and celebrate the relationship any day. Just remember the love and let it inspire you.

Happy Love Day!

Do you have a special date night planned for Valentine's Day?



Whitney 'Nic' James said...

You know, I've been wanting to try some "different things" and I think you've helped me out here. ;-) Thanks for sharing.


Roaming Family Adventures said...

No plans for Valentine's Day yet! We shall see!

Goody said...

Talk about a "suite" setup. Great ideas and LOL @ V doesn't have ID for the club

Unknown said...

Yes, I do have a special night planned for my hubby and I made him a sweet gift basket to go along with it!

Lou Martin said...

You and your husband will really enjoy Valentine's Day once your daughter is in bed. Enjoy!

Nancy @ Neatly-Packaged said...

Looks like a great valentines day :) Thank you for sharing!

Michelle said...

What a neat idea. I know my husband would adore having pampering like this - and trying to find time to truly get away? That just doesn't happen. This is a great solution. #client

Nadeen said...

Oh my!! I love the way you laid this out :-) And love the suite idea!

PatriceMFoster.com said...

great idea spending less and enjoying time. thanks for these ideas.

Mimicutelips said...

Spice is always nice, I love this idea. Sometimes less is more and those are the times we have the most fun.

Unknown said...

Sookie sookie now! Thanks for the pointers, they are just in time for hubby's bday and then Vday! xx

Jackie Harris said...

I don't have a Valentines but I will make sure I will share this with my friends who have one...No need for them to slacking on Vday

stephanickety said...

Great tips for a great night! We've tried some of the KY gels before and they can be super fun!

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm seriously jealous that your daughter is in bed at 7pm religiously. Looks like an amazing date night plan. I love the Hotel theme.

Madison @ Wetherills Say I Do said...

Great idea for focusing on time together on Valentine's :)

Candy said...

You have some great ideas! Definitely change things up a bit.

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