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{SAHM Style} Crop Top + Midi Skirt

I wore a crop top and midi skirt before a fierce game of tag broke out. Then I moved on to jeans and comfort shoes. Violet tried to assure me that I could wear this outfit. I think she knew my heels digging into the soft ground would slow me down and make me "tagable". No ma'am. I dress for the occasion.

crop top midi skirt

I was really excited to wear the midi skirt. Full skirts with a front split (faux) and patch pockets are one of my favorite vintage styles. Oh and let's not forget the partial elastic waistband. Be still my thrift loving heart.

ankara turban styles

I wanted to give the crop top and midi skirt look another try and went with a recent thrift find - the C & C California sweater. Not to sure about these proportions. The top is a bit too slouchy for this skirt. It's puffing me up all over and hiding my waist.

I've already committed though. I can't risk mussing the turban that took several tries to get it not the way I wanted but lucking up on a wrap style I like.

stay at home mom style

I don't know about you but I'm about ready for summer so I opted out of boots (tights stay though) as they are no longer required here in the south. I'm so glad we moved this year and I'm not stuck in another snowpocalypse.

african print headwrap

I can step outside without a coat and without my face freezing off. My boots aren't coated in salt stains. I don't even have to wear them. I can play tag in the backyard with my favorite girl. I love it here!

Are you rocking crop tops and midi skirts this winter?

vintage midi skirt
THRIFT C & C California crop sweater - vintage thrift midi sweater - vintage earrings GIFT JustFab

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