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5 Ways to Express Your Love of Vintage

The vintage love I'm expressing is sponsored by Dryel.

There's a lot of love in the the air as we approach Valentine's Day so why not show a little love for your vintage clothes. They've survived many years of wear and still look good. They also make us look great on the outside. That's an achievement worth the extra effort and attention. Am I right?

5 ways to express love of vintage

Quality Appreciate quality vintage. You won't always find it at bargain rates at your local thrift. You may have to splurge a little for a curated collection of unique pieces. Finds that looked like a million bucks 40 years ago and STILL look amazing now are worth it.

vintage maxi skirt

History Knowing where your clothes come from makes you love them a little bit more. If not the personal history with the pieces you "borrowed" from grandma's closet, then doing a little research based on the label. Vintage labels give lots of clues. Is it handmade? What year was it made? Vintage Fashion Guild website has a ton of information to get you started.
how to wear vintage clothes

Wear Don't just hang your vintage in your closet to admire. Wear those unique garments. Show off the fab. Clothes are meant to be worn. Be sure to make those minor adjustments or have the lovelies tailored to fit you properly.
vintage maxi skirts on pinterest

Clean Take care of your delicate vintage.  If you spill on it, remove and clean right away. You don't have to shuttle every piece to the dry cleaner quick, fast and in a hurry these days. You can dry clean at home. With Dryel, you can freshen up and spot clean without worry of fading color or disrupting an intricate pattern. Make sure to keep a kit or two in the laundry room.
classic white shirt and sunglasses

Connect Find your tribe and connect with other vintage lovers. Search for meet ups in your area or find like minded souls on social media and blogs who love vintage clothes as much as you do. *shameless plug here* Thriftanista Social Club is a great start!
thrift style bloggers over 40
THRIFT Liz Claiborne white shirt - vintage maxi skirt GIFT diamond earrings - Akira sunglasses - JustFab silver pumps

Are you a vintage lover?

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Style & Poise said...

Beautiful skirt!


Lou Martin said...

Girl the skirt is everything!!! What a great find! I really need to start thrift shopping.

Unknown said...

Love your skirt! I am a skirt girl. I really need to get into vintage & thrift shopping. And yes to Dryel! When I worked in corporate, Dryel was a big must in my life.

Mary Hill said...

I love, love the skirt. Where did you find it? I would love to find one for my daughter. thanks. :)

Dalal Tahira said...

Your blog name is so witty I love it! Vintage pieces are like hidden treasures and once you find them you must value them x

Dalal, http://monochromedaisies.blogspot.co.uk/

Jessica Jannenga said...

This is beautiful! I love the print and colors and love how you let the skirt speak for itself with the white top. I love vintage clothes and jewelry as well.

Unknown said...

Great post! That skirt is GORGEOUS!!! #BLMGIRLS

Unknown said...

Okay, this post has my mind going in like forty directions. I'm over here like OMG... Skirt! Shoes! Vintage! LOL *as I open Just Fab in a new browser*
I'm also a vintage and thrift lover so you've definitely got a new fan here :-) #BLMGirls

Unknown said...

OMG that skirt!! I just love it!!

Fash365 said...

That really is a smashing skirt.


Anonymous said...

That skirt is EVERYTHING!!! <3 <3 <3 xx!

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