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{Thrift + Style} Gingham Shirt

I'm not especially fond of check patterns. Although you'd never know it by the plaid dress and diy plaid skirt of last week. It wasn't the gingham pattern that attracted me to this thrift find but the fabric. It felt great. It's silk but looks like a comfortable cotton weekend shirt to accompany jeans and loafers.

thrift style gingham shirt

how to style a gingham shirt

That's exactly how I planned to wear it but the heart was screaming for something fancier when I got dressed yesterday. Maybe a little part of me was trying to keep up with V in her chosen look of the day -- a springy yellow frock. She said she wanted to wear something fabulous and pointed toward the yellow dress.

I must admit, I'm liking this princess and pretty dress phase. She likes shiny things and sequins too. We influence each other I suppose.

black-white outfit

As the weather was much improved, I stepped up my game with a full skirt gifted to be my mama. It's a summer skirt but I didn't pack it away along with a few other items that can work year round. It's not especially warm but I have my tights so no worries.

summer skirt in winter

I thought these two would pair well together because I saw someone else in a similar combo. I can't remember if it was instagram or pinterest which is where I get most of my fashion inspiration. I definitely know it wasn't in real life. I liked the way they looked together despite my non-interest in checks AND black/white outfits. So obviously, I had to give it a try. I like having mixed emotions about a look. To me, that is style.

Are you a gingham fan? What does style mean to you?

gingham pinterest
THRIFT gingham shirt GIFT Joe Fresh windowpane skirt - Hanes tights - Kenyan necklace RETAIL Apepazza silver boots

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Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Those boots are saying something. I LOVE them! Great look.


Kerri Estella said...

I'm all here for that check-on-check look! And I've got to second Whitney-- those boots are crazzzzy!

Kerri Estella, therightstyle.com

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

I am definitely a fan of gingham or anything that reminds me of plaid or houndstooth. Love, love, love this outfit!

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