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Faux Fur for the Freezing

How happy am I to finally break out the vintage faux fur after two years in hibernation. Can you believe I found it in Vegas? Who's wearing fur out there other than my midwestern mom)? 

It got cold in Atlanta which gave me the perfect opportunity to wear the jacket. I've never worn this one. It's terribly 80s with big ol' shoulders but this baby is warm!

vintage faux fur on pinterest

I've never owned a fur or faux fur coat. Now I understand why one would invest in one. All this "fur" keeps the body heat in very well.

I can almost deal.

I'm only slightly longing for summer's heat...like Olaf. 

hand knit infinity scarf

You know you're a mom when an animated snowman is referenced to describe your mood. You know how else you get a mom stamp? When you walk around the entire day with your shirt on backwards and only notice when you get ready for bed. That tightness around the throat just wasn't noticeable enough.

dana buchman cardigan

Oh well. I enjoyed the green and orange color palette which was kind of a happy accident. I just went with some of my favorite things this morning as I groaned about getting up when it's still dark outside. I didn't necessarily think they belonged together.

adults with braces

Bright colors make me happy and orange is the best because it gives me the glowing skin tone. The aqua green tee is cozy and I do believe it's the only thing in my closet this color.

vintage thrift fur jacket

The cardigan brings it all together adding a layer of warmth plus interest with the fun snakeskin print. I'm wearing jeans again because it's easy and I really needed the easy formula yesterday. Far too cold to think.

Do you own any fun fur? What's the temp where you are?

oversized jacket with jeans
THRIFT Jordache faux fur jacket -Dana Buchman cardigan - J. Crew tee - bdg jeans HANDMADE East Maven hand knit scarf AMAZON Betsey Johnson ankle boots



Unknown said...

Looks very warm

Unknown said...

As soon as it started getting cold here in Sacramento, I readied all my faux fur vests, bubble jackets with the fake fur trimming along the hood and all that jazz.

Your jacket serves its purpose to keep you warm! Plus I love the addition of the vibrant orange scarf and your teal shirt shirt.

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