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Sequins Remixed

Imagine my joy discovering this sequin top can be worn backwards! Add that to the list of ways to remix your closet. I snagged this lovely at an estate sale. At the time, I wasn't to enamored of the color combination and the 80s batwings. It looks so much better on the body though.

Another surprise to this tunic length top is that it can be tucked. I thought it would be lumpy and bumpy with all the sequins but since the skirt is full the bulk is hidden. 

sequin top

how to wear sequins casually

What I enjoy most about these sequins is the sparkle. Look at that party on my back! I'm walking confetti. I love sun on sequins.

vintage sequin top

Once again I'm rocking sequins with all black. It's the fallback color when I can't deal with discovering other options. It's makes for easy and fast dressing.

Together they make a really nice holiday outfit. Sequins are so festive. Great for the party in your head and actual parties! The black skirt keeps it elegant yet casual. The skirt length and leather like coating gives off some edgy vibes too.

sequin top outfits pinterest

My choice of sandals with tights was due to my limited supply of black shoes. I wanted to keep it monochromatic. I have exactly 3 pairs of black shoes. One pair of loafers. Those are a no.  I wore the ankle boots with sequins here and I wasn't too fond of how it looked. Therefore, sandals win.

I love discovering new ways to wear old clothes. Who knew wearing baggy clothes backwards could look so good? *insert Kriss Kross here*

How are you wearing sequins?

sandals worn with tights
THRIFT Rob Hill for Mr. Jay sequin top RETAIL Nine West sandals GIFT Mimi Chica pleated mini skirt

***in other news***

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holiday style with sequins



Antionette Blake said...

I love wearing tops "criss cross" style especially if the neckline is too low. Nice to see baby girl make a guest appearance! Hope you are enjoying your day. #PersonalStyleLinkup

JustJewels4U said...

You already know I love this look! Sequins! You look beautiful

14th Street Vintage said...

Love it. I'm still looking for the perfect sequin top/dress that fits and doesn't make me look like Liberace.

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