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Stay Connected This Holiday Season with Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias and its advertiser Walmart Family Family which has the lowest priced unlimited plans. All opinions are mine alone. #HolidaysAreCalling

This will be our first Christmas away from our family. My mom lives in Vegas. My sisters are in Chicago. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to convince them all to move to Atlanta when they visited last month.

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Walmart Family Mobile has been a tremendous help in keeping us all connected this holiday season. Now more than ever it's important that we have good reliable phone service to stay in contact with our loved ones.

I want Violet to appreciate and really know her extended list of family and friends. It's something I didn't have growing up and I'd like the new generation to be different. Especially since she's an only child. She needs to know her people and how important family is.

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A reliable phone service is certainly less expensive than plane trips back and forth. Especially international flights for the husband's side of the family! With Walmart Family Mobile I receive unlimited talk, text, & web for $34.88 per month with a second line costing only $29.88. It comes with 5GB of 3G data allowing me to do even more with my plan.

So whether we're out and about visiting with our Atlanta family or cuddling by the fire with a mug of cocoa, we can still stay connected to our family and friends all over the globe.

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4 Ways to Stay Connected This Holiday Season

Phone Calls

Good old fashion picking up the phone and calling loved ones even if it's just a quick hello. It means so much to actually hear a voice.

This is what my Mom prefers and maybe an occasional picture message of our Violet.

Video Chat

It's the next best thing to being home for the holiday. Google Hangouts works on computers, android and apple devices, so you can connect with and see the entire family.

They don't now it yet but I fully expect my family to build shaky gingerbread houses and then jump on a Hangout for a reveal contest. V and I should be much improved by then.

Social Media

Great way to keep in contact with friends and family throughout the year and during the holiday. You're likely to catch up with younger folks hanging here. With Facebook, you can create private groups or tailor status updates that are of interest to your particular tribe.

My sisters are social media enthusiast like myself so we usually meet there.

Text Messages

Text messages can be slightly impersonal with obligatory mass "Happy Holidays" messages but it's also a quick way to ask simple questions like "What's on your Christmas list?" "Elf on the shelf? Yay or nay?" "Pumpkin or sweet potato pie?"

My husband uses WhatsApp application exclusively because it works just standard messaging apps but much more economical for the folks overseas as they won't be charged SMS cost.


With WFM service and a great phone, you'll have your family with you all season long.

If a new cell phone is on someone's holiday wishlist this season, Walmart has you covered with these great rollbacks too!

I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment or tweet #HolidaysAreCalling to share your favorite way to stay connected with family this season.

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Kays Ways said...

Keeping connected with family is super important and if you can do it at a low cost, I'm all for it! Happy Holidays to you and your family

Unknown said...

It can be heard to keep in touch with family when you are abroad like me. Glad they are making a way to get good deals to stay in touch with your family during the holidays.

Rachee said...

My family lives really close by but we are always texting and facetiming each other. This does sound like a good deal.

Unknown said...

I surely need to reevaluate our current mobile plans and carrier. I will check out Walmart for affordability.

Rich Mom, Rich Dad. Poor Mom, Poor Dad. said...

I love that even though families may be separated by many, many miles- we can all stay connected with just the touch of a button on a smart phone! WFM's prices are amazing! Maybe next year you can convince them to move to Atlanta, lol. I've been trying to convince mine to move to Phoenix but no dice. Ha. They keep trying to convince me to move to North Carolina or Colorado.

Antionette Blake said...

Yes, staying connected to family is definitely important and the Walmart Family plan is an excellent way to do so. Happy holidays

Anonymous said...

Love the quality of your photos on the blog post especially the first one. Thanks for letting us in the cellphone savings at Walmart.

Stephanie said...

Staying connected is so important. We are on the east coast and my brother is on the west coast, so they rarely see him. I want them to really know their family so using the Walmart Family Mobile plan and video chatting has become our normal way for them to see their uncle. Love how tech can bring us closer together!

JaelCustomDesigns said...

I love that you can stay connected with your loved ones with so many different options. It's great that Walmart Family Mobile offers such affordable plans.

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