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Sickbed Chic in Kimono

I'm glad kimonos are trending. I love all the great colors they come in. It's kinda like ankara with the fabric itself exploding with great style ideas. Unlike ankara, I spy kimonos in thrift stores all the time. I remember Ragstock in Chicago used to have a huge selection.


Everyday isn't a dress up day for me. Sometimes it's a kimono day. It's like wearing your bathrobe outside but more socially acceptable and trendy! I've been having some serious gastrointestinal upset for a few days so I was feeling pretty beat down getting dressed. The robe kimono is the perfect attire for sickbed chic. 

how to wear kimono

The colors are vivid and add some cheer while in the midst of a chest and gut fire. It's comfortable and cozy too. I just need high heeled slippers adorned with a large plume of pink feathers to complete the look.


Now that I'm on the mend, kimonos are great for everyday casual looks.They provide a little bit more thigh coverage to shorts. I was kinda apprehensive about the long length versus the short shorts. I look pantless from the back but I "consulted" with Pinterest and that seems to be the current way to rock it.

wearing thrift store kimono

This is my first time wearing these shorts in the day time. I consider them my party shorts and have only ever worn them with tights at night. I'm still basking in the glow of 10 pound weight lost and feeling confident to show more skin so I went for it. 

kimono style ideas

Another element of this look that is inspired by Pinterest is the white t-shirt. A lot of the looks have kimono as attraction and everything else understated which I like. It's a central theme in how I dress -- adding a jolt of extraordinary to casual basics.

Did you rock a kimono this summer? Planning to for fall?

kimono with shorts
THRIFT white t-shirt - Japanese kimono - vintage sunglasses - Crown Vintage open toe wedge sandals GIFT Rampage shorts - necklace



K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

I'm definitely on the hunt for a cool kimono. I've been seeing them everywhere except for in my local stores. I think I'm going to have to order one online and hope that the fit is true to size. Hope you are feeling better.

Ashleigh said...

You look fantastic. I love the heels, they make your legs look miles long. You can really see that you're feeling confident!

Ayana said...

Beautiful color kimono! I unfortunately have not seen these in many thrift stores. If I do, believe me, they won't have a place to hide. Great outfit.

Thrifting Diva

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