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{SAHM Style} How to Stay Motivated to Dress Up

As a stay at home mom, it's hard to stay motivated to dress up when you're really not going anywhere. Now that V is in school a full day, I spend more time on housework and blogging with an occasional trip to the grocery store. 

I'm not getting out of the house as much. My morning brain tells me it's pointless and to just throw on yesterday's castoff or keep my jammies on. However, getting my day started involves wearing proper clothes (and coffee). 

sahm motivated to dress up

80s fashion

Here are 5 motivation techniques I use to quiet Little Miss Frumpy Pants and dress up just for myself:

Take a shower bright and early. I wake up 30 minutes before V so that I can shower. I am not a morning person. At all. Once V wakes up though, I have to focus my attention on getting her ready to start her day. I may not have enough time for extra primping but at least I've done the absolute basics. If I want to go for more "glam", I can take care of that once she's in school.

sahm style dress up

Give yourself permission to experiment. Take risk. Every now and again, I get down with obviously 80s vintage. The skirt is that funky length that doesn't really do my short legs justice but it has purple diagonal stripes so I had to have it. It's also airy and even more airy when you leave side buttons opened. Once I dropped V off at school, I let a little more leg show.

vintage 80s jones new york

Avoid that urge to wear the same outfit again back to back. It's so tempting to throw on the same thing all week. No one really "sees" me. I do though and that's important. I don't like to create extra laundry for myself either so if I don't have it on very long and it's still clean, I hang it back up and wear something different the next day.

Wear a dress. It's just as easy to pull a dress off of a hanger than pick up yesterday's jeans. One piece instead of two! Once I have that foundation in place, I get motivated to wear heels, a little makeup, or the occasional bauble.

stay at home mom casual style

Visually plan outfits before bed. I wish I were the type to lay my clothes out the night before but I'm not. I'm usually up past my bedtime so I plan an outfit in my head while lying in bed. It's like counting sheep. It relaxes me and I usually fall asleep that way. Is that weird? Some morning I actually remember some of the looks and can find them easily enough in my closet. 

How do you stay motivated to dress as a stay at home / work at home mom?

dressing up to work at home
THRIFT white blouse - Jones New York skirt GIFT Gianni Bini sandals



Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Cute skirt, and I love the shoes. They look really comfy!

Alexandra said...

This is a great post. I've actually found that I am more productive overall when I am dressing. Doesn't even have to be anything fancy, but just getting out of the stuff I slept in or not wearing some kind of gym clothing.

Alex - Funky Jungle

Alexandra said...

P.S. Beautiful skirt :)

Madam Too Much said...

This is such a good post and you look Great. I am so guilty of wearing the same pair of jeans for weeks cause I only leave the house 3 times per week and they are so durable. Better yet. . . I hate doing laundry!! LOL.

Edwige said...

This is a great post! I love your skirt! You look effortless chic :-)


Edwige | http://www.hypnozglam.com

Shon said...

All great tips and very practical!!

Ashleigh said...

Hmmmm.....I guess I don't have the motivation. It's all black for work, and when I get home I'm just exhausted! I think you look put together and pretty, but not overdone.

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