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Vintage 80s Sweater Dress

Are sweater dresses on trend? Who cares? I don't. As you know, I buy what pleases my eye and the peach and blue 80s dress did that for me. It has that midi length I adore. It's a simple dress with a bit of wow in the navy blue stripes around the bateau neckline and sleeve bands. Plus the bottom hem has side slits! Love. 

wearing a vintage 80s dress

Oxblood (the color formerly known as burgundy), peach, and blue make the perfect combination, baby. With 100% certainty, I can say this is a color combination I have never tried. I like it. It's very Helen Willis a la Jeffersons chic. Or perhaps, a sexy number that Doralee (Dolly Pardon) would wear in the movie 9 to 5. Filling it out in all the right places.

peach blue burgundy oxblood color combination

Ms. Peach and Blue lost her belt somewhere but it just so happens that I have a replacement -- the stretchy belt. Stretchy belts have great cinching capabilities. The buckles are always super fab too. 

how to wear an 80s dress

Not having any experience with this color combination, I tried on several shoes and finally decided on a shoe I haven't worn in 4 years at least. They don't fit into my mom casual lifestyle but I love an oxford and these Bass pumps are one of my favorites. I recycle my closet frequently but there are a few pieces that I hold on to. I do believe they are the oldest shoes I own from my retail buying days.

vintage etienne aigner worn with andrea gayle dress and day lor belt

I completed the look with a vintage handmade Etienne Aigner bag. It's so classic in Antic Red and the Aigner "A" logo and signature. The color matches the shoes perfectly and it's a great color for fall.

retro style in 80s sweater dress

Look out for the sweater dress, Aigner bag, and stretchy belt in The Thriftanista Closet. I can't keep it all and there's still more shopping to be done. Remember I was toying with the idea of a wardrobe challenge? Yeah. No. I can't stop shopping. I'm addicted to thrift.

***in other news***

Violet, the photo bomber extraordinaire, managed to make it into the reflection of my sunglasses pics. Well played, Babes.

bass oxford pumps worn with a vintage dress


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