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Vintage 80s Sweater Dress

Are sweater dresses on trend? Who cares? I don't. As you know, I buy what pleases my eye and the peach and blue 80s dress did that for me. It has that midi length I adore. It's a simple dress with a bit of wow in the navy blue stripes around the bateau neckline and sleeve bands. Plus the bottom hem has side slits! Love. 

wearing a vintage 80s dress

Oxblood (the color formerly known as burgundy), peach, and blue make the perfect combination, baby. With 100% certainty, I can say this is a color combination I have never tried. I like it. It's very Helen Willis a la Jeffersons chic. Or perhaps, a sexy number that Doralee (Dolly Pardon) would wear in the movie 9 to 5. Filling it out in all the right places.

peach blue burgundy oxblood color combination

Ms. Peach and Blue lost her belt somewhere but it just so happens that I have a replacement -- the stretchy belt. Stretchy belts have great cinching capabilities. The buckles are always super fab too. 

how to wear an 80s dress

Not having any experience with this color combination, I tried on several shoes and finally decided on a shoe I haven't worn in 4 years at least. They don't fit into my mom casual lifestyle but I love an oxford and these Bass pumps are one of my favorites. I recycle my closet frequently but there are a few pieces that I hold on to. I do believe they are the oldest shoes I own from my retail buying days.

vintage etienne aigner worn with andrea gayle dress and day lor belt

I completed the look with a vintage handmade Etienne Aigner bag. It's so classic in Antic Red and the Aigner "A" logo and signature. The color matches the shoes perfectly and it's a great color for fall.

retro style in 80s sweater dress

Look out for the sweater dress, Aigner bag, and stretchy belt in The Thriftanista Closet. I can't keep it all and there's still more shopping to be done. Remember I was toying with the idea of a wardrobe challenge? Yeah. No. I can't stop shopping. I'm addicted to thrift.

***in other news***

Violet, the photo bomber extraordinaire, managed to make it into the reflection of my sunglasses pics. Well played, Babes.

bass oxford pumps worn with a vintage dress



Ashleigh said...

My daughter said you have a great yard! I love your oxblood accessories. They take the dress to fall.

Unknown said...

Very cute!

Unknown said...

Too cute! I feel the same way, I buy what pleases the eye! And I'm addicted to thrift shopping! I haven't been in a "regular" store in months!! LOL

Mo said...

This is a cute dress. I like the peach color. :-)


Anonymous said...

Perfect for Fall.

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Violet says she has to get her camera time in somehow. LOL. You are working that dress though!

Kenya L Fashion Blog said...

Love this dress! So gorgeous! Beautiful colors and perfect for fall!

xo, Kenya

Demetria said...

Gorgeous dress and beautiful daughter!


LA Lynn's said...

Love it... I look cute & daughter is always cute & full of energy! :-)


Thriftanista in the City said...

Thanks Ash! Tell your daughter it's all a facade. This is the alley in back of our apt. :)

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thank Tori!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Right! Thrift shopping is such a high.

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thank you!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Yep. Thanks for stopping by!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thank you!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thanks Kenya!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thank you, Dee!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thank you!

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