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Short Set Not of Thrift Gods

Ladies and maybe one gentleman, this short set is a perfect example of why I like thrift. I can get quality and affordable prices and still look good. Likely, it's been through a wash cycle or dry cleaner so I'm seeing the garment in a truer form. I don't have to worry that it's going to fall apart on me. 

I mean that literally too. I wore this sucka to a Beres Hammond concert and was a busted seam away from a complete wardrobe malfunction on the lower half. 

francescas short set

First of all, I'm wearing the shortest shorts in all the land or at least the shortest shorts in my closet. My belly button is covered which makes it totally ok. Am I right? Another point for high waist!

why i thrift

My mama purchased the short set for me and even though I thought it was cute, I was hesitant about the arm AND the possibility of butt cheek exposure.  I got over the arms and wore it with a pencil skirt. The shorts were a little bit longer adjustment period. 

We can all relax. Cheeks are covered. Standing.

how to style short set

I also had concerns about quality but I really liked the vintage look of it. If you're not familiar with Francesca's, it's a chain boutique with trendy yet "whimsical and eclectic" clothing and accessories. Prices are reasonable. 

However, the fabric and construction quality is lacking on this cutie pie. The zipper got completely jacked up in the fabric on the shorts and the top's zipper is a little bit sticky. 

thrift style and fashion

Don't get me wrong. I like new clothes. I like gifted clothes, for sure. Thrifting makes me feel good about being a smart shopper. I really like to shop. Thrifting allows me to keep buying without losing quality.

The shorts are not worth replacing or mending so I'm throwing it in the sewing pile. I think I can take it apart and use it as a pattern for a new better quality one! 

Do you factor in quality when purchasing retail? Thrift?

black white and silver outfit ideas
RETAIL Modahnik clutch GIFT Francesca's short set - JustFab silver pumps

***in other news***

The family and I have arrived safely in Atlanta so this will be my last post in the alley / parking lot. Awww. Looking forward to casing out good locations near my new home and I absolutely cannot wait to explore the thrift stores. Where should I go? Help me out if you're an Atlanta Thriftanista.

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high waist shorts



Thrift and Boast said...

You have a nice shape and this outfit looks great on you. I don't see the problem. Beautiful is as Beautiful does...Enjoy that beautiful outfit!

Emma said...

We are shoe twins today :) Great short set, I love the matchy-matchy look. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely link too x

FabEllis said...

You look absolutely fabulous! Your body is perfect for this.

JustJewels4U said...

I love this look..I couldn't pull thus off

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