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Florals Meet Stripes

I do not like to wear a lot of black but I was having some trouble finding a good match for this simple skirt. Black works all the time so that's where my head was at when BAM! I spot a potted plant wearing my striped skirt so I took a cue from it and went with florals. 

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There I was at the mall one lovely sunny day looking for a top to match my 10 cent thrift score. I figured I could splurge (within reason) since the skirt was basically free. 

fashion inspiration

The stripes are horizontal which is considered a fashion no-no for the curvy but I do not see a difference in the amount of curviness. I think the skirt is rather slimming even though it doesn't have vertical stripes. I declare a new fashion "rule".  High waist overrides horizontal stripes. Don't fear them.

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The skirt is a size 0 and since I'm nowhere near that, I was definitely going to hand it off to some other thriftanista. It's a pretty decent skirt. Right? After some aging in the closet, I decided to ignore the size label and try it on. It has got to be the stretchiest of stretchy skirts. It got over the hips, bumps and bits and it's still pretty comfortable. It's mine.

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I did buy a cute black top at Banana Republic but I had to give the florals a try first. I took a tip from Cheap Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe and tucked in a shirtdress which happens to be the only floral top I owned. I like it.

Thanks mall decor for the fashion inspiration!

dress worn as a skirt

Have you ever been inspired by a potted plant? It's ok if the answer is no. It's weird. I know.

thriftanista in the city
THRIFT Gap dress - Express skirt GIFT JustFab silver pumps

***in other news***

My last thrift haul included a a floral top. Look out for it soon. I also found a great deadstock 80s jumpsuit that I cannot wait to rock!

Need Salvatore Ferragamo shoes for less? Visit me on eBay! Bidding ends Sunday.

florals meet stripes


14th Street Vintage said...

Wow...going into the yard today to find some inspiration. Thrift challenge?

Unknown said...

LOVEEEEEE this outfit and especially the inspiration. Definitely will make me think about looking around me for some fashion cues. AWESOME!!!!!

Thrifting Diva

Ashleigh said...

DAYUM! I love the skirt. I shows off your lovely figure.
The top is so fun and colorful, but posting the who wore it better pic against the potted plant was the best photo EVER.

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