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Convertible Dashiki Dress

I've always been a fan of convertible dresses and couldn't resist this dashiki variety found over at 14th Street Vintage's FB page. In addition to feeding my love of african prints, this dress offers some refashioning fun. 

convertible dashiki dress

You can wear it a number of different ways including as a skirt. A lot of those conversions are heavy on the arm and shoulder exposure. I have fat arm and linebacker shoulder issues that really don't matter but I'll obsess over them anyway.  Sometimes. Moving on.

boho tribal dress

I didn't want to cover  the dress up with a jacket. It has so many interesting angles and patterns to show off. I had to get creative.

vintage boho dress

My first attempt was to try to make sleeves. I was able to form nice capped ones but my bra kept showing. Not in the cute way. I tried several kinds of bras and all I figured out was that I need more bras! Cute ones in another color besides black.

tee worn with a halter dress

Then I attempted to go braless. No. No. No and no. Flat and saggy is not the look I'm going for.

Finally, I decide on a tee coverup. Finding a t-shirt to throw on presented another set of struggles. It turns out the cut, color, thickness do matter. After testing several, I found extremely fitted with lots of lycra and v-neck works best.

how to wear convertible dress

Having paired stripes with florals last week, I was feeling a little adventurous with the chosen tee. Adding stripes to the mix was unsettling at first. Is it too much? It's interesting. I like it. 

I was feeling very 70s boho which isn't particularly my style. I decided on silver sandals to add some glam. Boho glam. Yes. That is me.

Have you ever covered up a dress with a tee?

striped tee worn with african print
THRIFT convertible dashiki dress - Gap striped tee - indian leather clutch GIFT Gianni Binni silver sandals


Style & Poise said...

Love the dress!!!


FabEllis said...

This dress is gorgeous! Wow! I have never covered a dress with t-shirt, but I've worn one underneath. I really like taking button up tops and wearing them under sleeveless dresses to make them appropriate for colder weather.

Marie said...

Very pretty! Such grab colors!
Marie @ In Our Happy Place

Unknown said...

I love this look. This dress is really cute and I love the length on you. Gorg

Ashleigh said...

So cute! I love the back that you did.

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