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Long Skirt on Short Legs

This skirt is proof that long skirts can be worn on short legs. I had doubts at first but midis are my preferred skirt length so I make it work. I have accumulated a thrifted midi skirt heavy wardrobe so once again I'm tossing out the fashion rules. Life's short. Rock what you like.

midi skirt on short legs

I find the high waist midi skirts to actually be quite leg lengthening especially when paired with heels. This floral one has the added benefit of being full, flouncy, and pocketed. It has "twirlability" and deep pockets! I found it at a Savers in Ohio for $3.

floral midi skirt

I'm just back from vacation and have a ton of laundry to do so my matching options are limited. Luckily, my trusty swap top I thought I would never wear was clean and tucked in the back of my dresser. I've worn the skirt  previously with  basic blacka pink Madonna tee, and with my never failing denim shirt. 

thrift store skirts

This is not my favorite look for this skirt but duty calls. No time to change except for my shoes. They're comfortable but not grocery shopping, preschooler wrangling comfy.

summer sahm style

Summer is making its way to Chicago so I'm happy to have rediscovered wedges that I bought at least 5 years ago. At the time I was deep into wedge shoes and the ankle straps were just what I needed to keep my foot from trying to slide out of the open toe.  I think they'll fit in well with this season's cutout shoe trend.

Do you wear long skirts on short legs?

wedge cutout sandals, midi skirt, outfit ideas
THRIFT BDG dolman sleeve sweater - floral midi skirt - Foster Grant sunglasses RETAIL Nine West wedge cutout sandals

***in other news***

I had such a great time thrifting in Atlanta. As Mimi pointed out, the prices were a bit higher than I'm used to but I did find some treasure. I'm especially proud of my sequins!

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bdg urban outfitters short sleeve sweater


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Jessi said...

Love this look! That skirt is so beautiful!! Crazy that you found it for $3!!
Visiting from WIWW

Ashleigh said...

"twirlability" love it.

Unknown said...

What a great find! The colors are so vibrant and they look good on you. I also am in love with midi skirts and am quite pleased the work on the shorter ladies.


Shannon said...

What a cute skirt. I love it on you!

Terri. said...

I love the skirt! Thank you for sharing.

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