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Style File: thrifted Savers midi skirt

I thrifted this midi skirt at Savers in Ohio on Black Friday. My plan was to shorten it to a length that works better for my body type. I put a pin in it where I wanted to cut it and dumped into the bag with the other items waited to be altered.

Thrifted Midi Skirt

For some reason I decided to rescue it and just wear it. Midi skirts aren't exactly a good length on short legs but whatever. On this day, I say "WHO CARES".

I'm the only one that I need to please with my fashion sense. If I like it, it works. Am I right? 

Thrifted Midi Skirt

Besides, I've already offended E's eyeballs with the hot pink floral print. Man repellent alert! He loves me despite my lack of man sexy clothes.

Thrifted Midi Skirt

A lot of the time, I base my "look good" on rules that I've set after years of fashion magazine reading and listening to experts. I'm pushing 40 and it's getting way easier to say 'eff the rules! My legs may look like stumps but...

Thrifted Midi Skirt

I'm fabulous. My skirt is fabulous. I will wear it and twirl. *twirls away like Kenya Moore*

In addition to twirlability, it accentuates my waist quite nicely which is really where my focus should be anyway -- accentuating the positive. 

This skirt also has side pockets! Why are pockets so damn cool on skirts and dresses? I don't know but it gets major thrift score points for having them.

Another awesome detail of this skirt is that it doesn't have a zipper. I've seen similar techniques in old sewing books but I've never seen one quite like this. It closes with a hook and a snap then there's a big opening below it to get the skirt on and off. The fabric is overlapped in such a way that keeps it from exposing your business..or at least I hope so.

Thrifted Midi Skirt

It really is a great skirt as it is. Of course, who's to say I won't run into a bout of fashion fickleness and chop this to mini length anyway. 

Thrifted Midi Skirt
watch // Geneva Platinum / thrifted
blingy tee // DZ
long sleeve tee // NY & Co.
belt // Omega / thrifted
skirt // handmade / thrifted
boots // Diba

What rules are you breaking?

The other news:

***I have a set of vintage bracelets to give away. Have you entered?***

***if you're reading on a mobile device. The formatting may be off. I am fiddling with it and hope to have it fixed soon.***
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