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Savers Look for Less Thrift Challenge

Beyond excited to have received gift certificates to complete the Savers Look for Less thrift challenge. My mission was to create a stylish and fashionable look for $60. I spent approximately $40 on a look that would cost over $500 retail!

savers look for less thrift challenge

Just to be clear, I underspent on the challenge but I went hog-wild in the two stores I visited. Both stores were fruitful. I did a power thrift trip (only an hour) while V was in school. I checked for other Savers locations in the area and grabbed my friend Ellen for a longer 3 hour "thriftathon". You can see some of Ellen's finds on the Thriftanista Social Club page.

thrift store finds

Here's what I bought:

Calvin Klein Roll Tab Blouse

I love roll tab shirts because they can work for all seasons. If I get warm I can just roll up my sleeves and button. What attracted me to this one in particular because it has a longer tunic length and the vibrant cobalt blue color.

retail vs thrift store prices

CAbi Bree Cropped Jeans in Creamsicle

I was super excited to have found ankle length pants and the color reminded of the Stitch Fix ones that I liked but weren't quite right. The CAbi jeans are better quality and the price was right! Plus they were a perfect fit -- a rare find indeed.

designer jeans for less at thrift store

BCBC Max Azria Studded Wedge Sandals

I took a long pause on the wedges. You know I like dirt cheap. Considering the brand and the fact that they were new helped sway me.  I consulted with my instagram family who were very enabling supportive and gave me that final push to buy.

savers thrift store

Coach Convertible Slim Duffel

Normally, I'm not a fan of rushing the new rack coming onto the thrift floor but a fresh crop of purses came right past me and I spotted something very familiar. It was a smaller version of a Coach bag I auctioned on eBay that hurt my soul a bit when it sold. I will keep this one all to myself as it was obviously meant for me.

coach bags found at thrift store

There you have it. A complete look for less and only $41. I did buy some other goodies too including the black / white tee and the orange dress. There's still more! I'm probably set on clothes this summer but it's thrifting! Of course, there will be more escapades.

thrift style fashion

Besides having great merchandise, Savers has really clean and well organized stores throughout the U.S. and Canada (330 of them to be exact). I've visited several and they're always well lit and orderly so it's easy to find good stuff without a lot of searching. Perfect for a newbie or when you're power thrifting. 

Are you a Savers fan? What have you found? Follow and show them your finds on their active Facebook and Twitter pages. They'd love to see them!


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Ellen aka Ellie said...

That was such a fun day, and I couldn't believe how quiet it was for a Saturday. Shocking when we learned we had been there for three hours! I'm just getting into Thrifting, so Savers is perfect for me. In my two trips there, I supposed I paid more for things than die hard thrifters, but I have found such quality pieces.

BTW, it was funny to see you pounce on the purse rack! Still can't figure out why the Coach you found was so much less than the others we saw...

LaToya said...

Wow you found some great items. Love the outfit!

Terri. said...

WOW! You got some great deals!! Thank you so much for sharing.

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