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My Self in a Kimono

My self likes to wear interesting clothes. My self thrifted a kimono (I think) without a clue as to how to wear it. Much like my wedding day, I'm pretty sure I'm wearing this traditional garment all wrong. This beauty caught my eye with its gorgeous colors and watercolor like floral patten. The hand sewn stitching is impeccable. You could wear it inside out and it would still look amazing! I thought I had a new coat to wear but then there were openings where side pockets should be and ties all over the place that I don't know what to do with.

my self in a kimono

how to wear kimono in nontraditional way

It was a splurge item costing $7 and I was on the fence about buying it. Wondering if I'd get any use out of it. I've had it a few months. First time wearing it. My shrinking violet side didn't want to look "foolish". Today, I decided I was bold enough to rock it however I wanted to so I wore it with bright scarf, standard SAHM casuals, wedge boots, and vintage sunnies.

ways to wear a kimono

I've let a few show stopping stunners pass me by due to my shy nature . I didn't want to be seen. Really seen but now that I'm all about extending myself, I've learned to stand by my fashion choices. This blog has helped me identify and trust my personal style. I am my own muse. That is growth. That is my SELF.

imperfect blogging self

I'm participating in Vicky Ayala's 28 day #imperfectblogging challenge to find my blogging groove and embrace my brand voice. My hope is that I will learn more about Thriftanista in the City as a brand and where it's going. If you haven't already guessed, day one's focus is defining self.

Do you embrace your fashion choices? If you're a blogger, how do you define your blog self?

ways to style a kimono
THRIFT vintage sunglasses - vintage yellow scarf - kimono - Target sweater - Michael Kors belt - Uniqlo jeans RETAIL Inc. tee - Corso Como wedge boots - Peonia swarovski crystal earrings

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***in other news*** 

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New items in The Thriftanista Closet include a fabulous animal print catsuit and a brand new Hunter Dixon dress for $30 (retail $254). Free shipping continues!

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thrift store silk kimono


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Ashleigh said...

I love this! I love that you used it as a coat and added the bright scarf. The jeans and boots tone it all down enough to make it wearable. I like your quirky, print loving side. I hope to see more of it!

Unknown said...

You are rocking that kimono.

Unknown said...

Everything about this is so amazing fabulous! Love the bright colors! That coat is gorgeous!

xo, Kenya

Cam said...

I love being able to play with fashion and wear things they way I see them. Like you and that kimono. It's right, because that's how you interpret it, ya know. That's style. You're rocking it. By the way, I want that belt.

As for le blog, I think I need to join the challenge.

Unknown said...

Saw the yellow scarf on instagram and was amazed of the color. Did not realize it's complemented by an equally beautiful coat! I love bold strong colors and you rock them well.

Antionette Blake said...

Rainbow beauty, love how you paired up the various colors and styles to create this unique outfit - love your boldness. My fashion is on of comfort and economics, because if it's thrifted and it looks good, then it's mine! Happy Hump day Wednesday, hopped over from ColorBlind.

Nicole Feliciano said...

Beautiful colors that come together flawlessly. You look amazing!

Unknown said...

i like this...the belt and Kimono rock!!

ShanaEmily said...

I love these colors and that jacket!!! I always love your style we have similar obsessions and you always look incredible!!! Thanks for sharing love!



Anonymous said...

I love it and am glad you chose to take a chance with fearlessness. It looks amazing!

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