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How to Wear a Vintage Sequin Top

These very words appeared in my blog search keywords --  How to Wear a Vintage Sequin Top. As I am a super fan of vintage sequin tops, I felt moved to answer the question.

Step 1: Find a sequin top

Visit your local thrift or vintage stores. They're likely cheaper in a thrift store but a vintage store will probably have a freshly cleaned mint one all ready for you to wear. You can also search eBay, Etsy, and other online thrift stores too.

Step 2: Pair with what you're comfortable in

Sequins and jeans are my comfort look. It's my when in doubt garment when I don't know what to wear. Black is another way to go - trim black trousers or a form fitting black skirt are good options too. If you love all things shiny and sparkly, you may be comfortable in sequins from head to toe.

Step 3: Accessorize

Go with little to no jewelry or wear small pieces that won't compete with your fabulous sequin top.

Step 4: Match shoes to what you're wearing on bottom

If you're casual on bottom go with a casual matching shoe. If you're in more sequins on bottom (yay!) or a sexy black skirt, a nice heel would probably work better.

THRIFT vintage sequin top - Hinge sweater - vintage necklace - Austin Reed blazer RETAIL Levis jeans - BOC ankle boots - leather gloves

How do you wear sequins?

There are no sequins tops in The Thriftanista Closet on eBay but the Nanette Lepore satin and lace skirt has sequins and beading!

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I Cannot Be the Only One... said...

That sequin shirt looks great! I like the idea of wearing something that is obviously meant to be flashy or showy in a simple way like a basic tee. Well done, well done!

TeriA said...

I LOVE your sequin top! I'm an avid thrifter and have yet to come across a find like that... The colors are amazing - warm colors are stunning when they sparkle!

Unknown said...

That is such an amazing sequin top! I absolutely love it! I love finding blogs that I absolutely fall in love with:) Gladly following you! Hope you will stop by my blog and check it out

Unknown said...

Very well done! You matched that up perfectly!

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