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Sequin Party

I picked up a sequin habit in my travels through the land of thrift. When I was younger, I thought sequins were for old ladies. Now that I'm older (not old), I can see I was terribly misguided. Sequins rock! They're so sparkly. What's not to love? It's like wearing a party!

At my sequin party, you will find radiant orchid purple sequins because it is my favorite color. Once I found purple sequins, it brought all the other cool sequins to the party.

vintage purple sequin top

The turquoise sequin dress took the party to Vegas and came back as a skirt. You know what they say, what happens in Vegas....

sequin dress to sequin skirt diy

The Calvin Klein sequin skirt was all pencil skirt professional in the thrift store but turned out to be a fun party skirt. Once the shiny silver pumps showed up, they danced the night away.

wearing sequins

Chevron striped sequin top was a bit shy and hung out in the closet but when it showed showed out! Incredibly loud. Told a lot of jokes and lifted spirits on a cold winter day.

how to wear sequins

Last but certainly not least, multicolor sequin tunic came through quite unexpectedly. Who knew such soft, muted tones carried so much personality.

sequin top ideas

There were some that couldn't make it the sequin party due to timing and budget but I hope they will one day be able to stop by.

Sequin Party

What parties (themes) do you see in your closet?

***in other news***

The Thriftanista Social Club is looking for new members. You don't have to be in Chicago to join the Facebook group just have a love of the thrift.

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