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Vintage Sequins and Cowboy Boots...Yes I Did!

I absolutely adore my vintage sequin tops but I never really wear them. This purple one from an estate sale is my favorite. The cowboy boots are new in my closet and I wasn't sure how they would work either. Naturally, I paired them together! Yes. I did that.

vintage sequin top

Since this is a daytime look, I put a cardigan over the sparkly top to tone it down a bit so I don't look like a disco waiting to happen (not always a bad idea). I also picked the perfect day to wear it. The sunshine bouncing off of the sequins created the most beautiful and colorful patterns on the walls and all over my car while I was driving.

See Lo vintage sparkly top

I normally stick to one piece of flare but I was really excited to wear my new cowboy boots. Demand Shoes sent them to me for review. I chose them because I've never owned cowboy boots and these had a little bit more punch with the bright green color. The boot is listed as turquoise / brown but it looks emerald green to me. Random: Should I call them cowgirl boots since I'm a girl? I don't know. 

Diba Demand Shoes Cowboy Boots

Anyway, Demand Shoes is a wholesale company focusing on 3 brands -- Diba, Luchiny, and Bronx shoes. I've owned Diba and Luchiny shoes before so I'm already a fan of what they have to offer.

I did want to try something completely different from my normal style though. When I think of cowboy boots, I think western wear but I think these can fit into many styles. I love them! It's the perfect mix of fashion and comfort.

Sequin Top and Cowboy Boots

I ordered my normal shoe size and was very pleased with how well they fit. I can wear thick socks and there's no left baby toe distress even though left foot is 1/2 size bigger than right foot. The leather is soft and the color is very rich.

The heel is the perfect height. It's tall enough to make me look thinner to lengthen my legs and comfortable enough to walk in. I will probably be wearing mine for casual strolls and errand running with babes.

Cardigan and Sequins

I think they will also work for a sexy, cool vibe at an outdoor festival or concert too. I am not the girl walking around in heels at a park but I don't like to go dressed as Hattie McHouseFrau either. I like to be pulled together even if I am wearing the mama standard -- black pants.

I took an unofficial poll on my FB page and most people were a "yay" on cowboy boots. What say you?

Sequins and Cowboy Boots
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