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10 Tales of Thrift, Volume 1

Even when I'm not thrifting, it's always on my brain. I read a bunch of thrift blogs, I google thrift related news and I have my own completely random thrift stories to share. Now I give it all to you. Enjoy!

I found a pair of vintage disco ball earrings at an estate sale. I couldn't look away from all of that light and shine so I paid the $6 for them. I wore them with the pink pencil skirt already.

emmons vintage ball earrings

Found a unicorn at the same estate sale. Periodically, I troll estatesales.net for shit I don't need. I saw the unicorn and thought it was interesting so I shared the page with the Thriftanista Social Club. A fellow thriftanista had her eye on it too so I'm going to give it to her. It was only a $1 because of the major mane damage.

porcelain unicorn from estate sale

Thrift shop sales soar as reported by the Delmarva Daily Times. When the housing bubble burst, folks left their homes and donated their belongs (the good stuff) for the tax write-off. As the donations got better, "people got hip" and flocked to thrift stores.

My Edit found a vintage floral shirtdress so fabulous that Marc Jacobs was biting her style. She wore it with edgy pieces too. I like it like that.

Word on the street is denim overalls are making a comeback. It's not particularly my taste (says the chick sporting a horse pendant dookie chain) but if this is how you get down, don't sleep on the thrift store. Pretty sure there are a few awesome pairs to be found.

free people denim overalls

Speaking of animals and style.. I do dig the elephant print on My Thrifty Chic's palazzo pants.

I think Vegas news is tardy for the party with this thrifting trend report. Bloggers are also sited as a driving force for kicking it up a notch. *raises the roof but stops when realizes there's more competition for the good stuff in the thrift store*

I spotted Cole Haan Nike Air pumps at Village Discount Outlet. I've been trying  to cut back on the amount of stuff I bring home. For serious this time so I didn't buy them hoping to find a friend who could wear them. They were $11 and not my size. Price was decent though. They were in great condition.

thrifted cole haan nike air peep toe pumps

I totally want to drive to Michigan for the Thrifty Broad's Goodwill Hunt Meetup. It looks like fun and it's for a great cause. Largest Goodwill in the country? What!

*Fever Thrift got crafty on a pair of nightstands. This is exactly the project I need in my life. Who knew nightstands were so expensive and it's hard to find a good looking pair?

What thrift tales do you have?


Lisa said...

Yay! Congrats on the new site, and I look forward to enjoying more of your posts.

Christina said...

Aww...that sucks when a great find just isn't your size. I'm not one for overalls either but, the one's you posted look cute!
I haven't been to the thrift store in awhile. Now, I really want to go. Thanks! ;)

Entice Diamante said...

I did some thrifting a few months back...bought some jeans and made customized shorts. It's about time for another visit! I like finding unique pieces. Great post! Look forward to reading more.

Unknown said...

Yes denim overall are back this seasons. I love them! and because they are cycled, you absolutely can find them at the thrift store! Great post!

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