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Tips to Packing Light

I'm a big fan of packing light when traveling. I am one of those people that hates checking bags so I normally cram everything into a backpack and a carry-on. The backpack has my electronics and toiletries. The carry-on has everything else. I am that person slowing up the line and tripping people with my rolling carry-on. 

tips to packing traveling light

If you like to take it all on the plane, here are 4 tips to fit it all in. They were very helpful on my back to (almost) back trips to Vegas and SoFabCon:

Pick a color scheme. By sticking with a color scheme, you can travel with less shoes -- a pair of heels and a pair of flats that will match everything you wear. It's also easier to get dressed because everything already goes together. In Vegas, I wore a lot of blue tones. I chose black, white, and brown tones with pops of color for SoFabCon.

thrifted dress from goodwill

Pack dresses. Dresses are an entire outfit! If they're knit, they're also easy to fold up really tight and throw on without ironing.

packing light for travel

Create a uniform. Mine was cardi, tees and leggings. Yes folks, I wore leggings as pants for most of the SoFabCon trip. No ironing. Really comfortable. Minimal space in suitcase. Same with tees. 

Disclaimer: My leggings were thick and seamless and didn't have a seam in my crotch area which didn't make me feel like I was wearing a pair of tights. I made sure to cover my butt with a long cardi too. 

what to wear when traveling

Accessorize with scarves and belts. Both are easy to fold and fit into the small compartments of luggage. The scarves can work as  a necklace, headband, or as wraps. Belts add a nice contrast and break up an otherwise plain outfit. 

travel light with backpack and carryon
THRIFT print secretary dress - skinny pink belt RETAIL Kenneth Cole Reaction peep toe pump

What tips do you have for traveling light?

In other news, The dress I'm wearing was bought while in Vegas. It's from Goodwill and only cost .99! I found a lovely cocktail dress too. I posted it on Instagram yesterday. Do you like it?

I had 2 teeth extracted as part of my orthodontia treatment plan. I'm excited finally fixing (it's on vision board) this but I have a gaping hole in my mouth. If I appear to be scowling in future pics, it's just my "smize".



SensiblySara said...

I ADORE that dress!!!


Dude, I don't know how you stuff everything in a backpack!! But I think your idea of picking a theme and sticking to it is a really good idea, because shoes end up taking so much room in my luggage. Although, then you don't have many options? haha... loving your picturse and your fabulous expressions!


FabEllis | Beauty, Fashion + Natural Hair said...

You are so pretty! Love the tips. I'm a huge dress fan so that's one of my go to's as well along with leggings.

Priya said...

Great tips! But I don't know if I can just pack dresses. I like jeans/ pants usually... but they're heavy!

A Chic Mom said...

You are THAT lady trying to find an overhead compartment to stuff her too full bag in!?!? Just kidding...great tips! ;)

Mimi said...

Love these tips. I also make sure to roll my clothes that way I can fit more stuff. I learned my overpacking lesson last year with BlogHer. Never again. I will only be taking what I need. I'm getting old and carrying all of that stuff and waiting for my stuff to get off the plan is played out.

Olivia Lane said...

I love these tips! thank you! i've gotta get more scarves and belts.
Here are my packing tips:

Brandi J said...

Great tips! I tend to overpack and then never wear half of what I carry. Thanks for sharing!

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