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Thrift Haul at Vintage Garage Chicago

After my Sears shopping trip, I went to Vintage Garage Chicago. I wasn't expecting to have another vintage thrift haul like the last one. Vintage from a thrift store is a lot cheaper than vintage from a market expressly for vintage shoppers. I knew the prices would be higher so I wasn't planning on coming home with anything. There was so much great stuff that I just couldn't leave empty handed.

I found lucite and plastic bangles from 14th Street Vintage. I didn't really find these. I know the owner. She's a long time member of the Thriftanista Social Club and she always finds good stuff! Unbeknownst to me, I won a contest she had on her Facebook page for a free bangle. So I bought four and got one free!

thrift haul vintage lucite bracelets

I bought a vintage necklace from Pure Vintage. I love black and gold together. It's a Trifari necklace and their costume jewelry was worn my Mamie Eisenhower in the 50s! I don't think this one is that old. It has a 70s vibe to me.

thrift haul vintage trifari necklace

I also purchased a vintage rhinestone bracelet at the Pure Vintage stall. Wow! Ain't it fancy?

thrift haul vintage costume jewelry

Most likely I'll be headed to the playground in my ornate bracelet. I absolutely had to have it though. It's sparkly and I just adore the curvy, pleated fan thingy. It's over the top and I love it!

thrift haul vintage rhinestone bracelet

My last purchase is the yellow leather clutch which you should already be familiar with as I'm giving it away! It's my favorite find from Vintage Garage. I knew it was the perfect giveaway. I would rock it and I know it can suit a variety of taste. I didn't keep it because it will just sit around and collect dust with the rest of the thrift purses collection.

It reminds me of an Anne Klein clutch I sold on Etsy. Next time I get my hands on a yellow leather purse, I will be keeping it for myself!

thrift haul vintage yellow leather clutch purse

I saw a table full of animal pendant necklaces and my eyes got real big! I want a lion so bad but I resisted buying. I'll hold off. It will be much for fun to find a cheaper one at a thrift store.

thrift haul diy animal pendant necklace

I spent $54 for everything. That's a lot of money! What can I say, I caught the fever.

How about you. Are you a vintage shopper or a thrift store shopper?



Shon said...

Wow! Looks like another grand haul!

Suburban Style Challenge said...

Great haul! I love that black and gold necklace... and it looks like a couple of those bangles are Bakelite. Cool!

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