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Vintage Haul at a Thrift Store

Finding vintage in my local thrift stores can be quite difficult. My theory is vintage sellers get the good stuff at estate sales before they end up in thrift stores. Last week to my surprise, I found quite a few pieces at Village Discount Outlet.

I spent about $15 for everything. That's a lot less than what it would cost in a vintage store or online. I like vintage but the prices can be a little bit steep for me. That's why I'm super excited about this all vintage thrift haul!

Eduardo Saks Fifth Avenue caftan

You know how much I love lingerie, muumuus, caftans, and robes. This one is amazing. It's very Pucci-esque. I saw a few for sell on Etsy and even a refashion! I love to remake but this one is the perfect loungewear as is.

Vera Neumann scarves

I found the first one on a Friday. I didn't want to hoard so I only picked one. I chose this one because it had a lovely pink and brown pattern and it's silk. I went home and did some research and discovered they were collector's items. Of course, that meant I had to have more!

I went back the next day on a 50% off day. I immediately spot a woman who has a hand full of scarves (yeah, I should have taken my own advice). I hover a bit. She takes some and leaves one Vera behind so I decided to take it home. It's pretty but not as vibrant as the other one. It's machine washable though so that's a plus!

If you're interested in seeing more Vera Neumann designs, check out this entire pinterest board dedicated to her. 

80's Tuttamaglia Gispa skirt

When I picked it up I thought it was a pair of palazzo pants but it's a midi skirt with a high front split. What! Ever get weak when you see a garment that is exactly you? That's what happened to me. The twirlability, the length, the high waist, pockets, and a split....all of that! I adore. 

80's Saville Blazer

I spotted this blue blazer the week before but decided to put it back. When I went this week, it was still there and 50% off so of course I bought it. It's the perfect color and fit and it's very on trend right now. Ms. Carrie (the mannequin) is not working it right though. It's too big for her petite frame.

vintage Sears babydoll nightgown

My best guest is late 60's or early 70's on this one. It reminds me of something Crissy would wear on Three's Company. I'm going to try to refashion it into a skirt without actually deconstructing it.

vintage Rayette lingerie nightgown

Another one from an unknown year. I may actually wear this one.

vintage blush colored satin clutch It has some stains on the outside that I may or may not try to fix. I liked how intact it is after all of these years. The coin purse is still attached and the bow is stitched on tight. It's one of those pieces that I would just love to know the history of.

How's the vintage in your thrift store? Is it overflowing or barely there?

In other news, did you catch my $25 Bed Bath & Beyond giveaway? There's a quick entry with optional entries. Check it out!

My wedding anniversary was yesterday. It has nothing to do with thrifting or the city, it's just a random me thing and I'm proud and excited that we're still together and love each other!
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