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DIY Studded Flats and Floral Capris

I did yet another DIY on the Salvation Army shoes. My granny flats went from faux leopard to studded faux leopard to gold studded flats. In what I think will be the final refashion, I painted them gold using a metallic acrylic from my Martha Stewart box o' fun.

florals and stripes plus diy studded loafers

This is an attempt to inject some fun into my flat shoe game. I do not like wearing flats. I feel rather squat when I wear them but they are very necessary for my lifestyle. The temps are rising and I'm doing a lot more walking and hanging out at the playground. Traipsing to the park in platform heels ain't going to happen. My poor little left baby toe would surely fall off.

diy painted studded flats loafers

You know what else ain't going to work at the playground? Low rise pants and jeans. I need full coverage, casual and comfortable. When I bend over, toddlers shouldn't be exposed to my plumber butt. I have to get my snazzy up in other ways. Hence, the striped tee, floral capris and flats outfit.

capris and flats

I would not have considered such a combination a few years ago. My love affair with thrift shopping has allowed me to experiment with trends that I wouldn't normally tackle like floral capris. I wasn't even a fan of floral print but finding them abundant and super cheap at the thrift store, I am converted. 

wearing stripes and florals spring 2013

Horizontal stripes were on my fashion no-no list too. Believing they would only chunk me up. Not so. Turns out it's those extra cookies that actually chunk me up! This striped tee is great. It's comfortable and do I have to say it? It's purple!

tee capris studded flats

What are you rocking at the playground?

thrifted t-shirt capri pants and loafers
THRIFT H&M purple striped tee - Eric Casuals floral capris - Foster Grant 80s sunglasses DIY Nordstrom loafers

In other news, Ms. V has her own playground style too. She loves her princess sunglasses so much that I went out and bought a spare pair. She wears them in the house too. Toddlers are weird.

Teeth have been extracted and I no longer know what to do with my lips, teeth, and smile. May 23 is braces installation day. *chomps on fingernails through the gaping space where my teeth used to be*



Aracely said...

Love how you mixed prints, super cute and comfy for the playground! I throw on my chucks for the playground.

O yes you did mention you were getting braces! They'll be off before you know it. I had mine for 2 years. I remember the teeth extraction process, I had 4 removed, yikes!! lol

Carsedra McKoy said...

The DIY flats are cute, I have a view pairs I flats I need to breathe life into I might try this to see how they look!! Cute floral pants!!

Carsedra of:

Tia said...

I LOOOOOVE those pants!!! I am all about a printed capri or crop pant. I hope getting your braces is a smooth process. I wore them as a teenager for a few years. After they were taken off I still needed a little bonding done to get rid of my vampire fangs, LOL!!!

charmeuse said...

Great shoes ;)

simplychic said...

blog matchies for sure :):) i love it!!!!

Monique McCray-Alexander said...

I love what you did to the flats! Great diy. :-) Once you get the braces, the time goes by so quickly and then it's off. You'll be okay.

Who is that girl Mo?

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