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Thrift Style: Tee and Shorts.Tights and Boots, too!

Here's my attempt at forcing Spring. I'm wearing a tee and shorts...and tights, a wool sweater, and boots. Huh? It's springtime in Chi City. I am so ready to put away all things wintry. I decided on bright fun colors including magenta lips!

occ lip tar purple magenta lipstick

My grey cardigan and grey tight are the reality of the weather situation here. It's been gray, cold and rainy. 

Springtime in Chicago tee shorts cowboy boots

I love my purple crossbody hobo. I can stuff so much in it. It's nice and roomy but it's fairly compact.

thrifted tee and diba cowboy boots

Since the cowboy boots cover a portion of my legs they make me appear shorter so added more "length" by wearing shorts. The more leg I show, the leaner I appear. It's my preferred method of dieting. Standing up straight is another one of my favorite "diets". I'm a sloucher so when I do stand up straight it's instant thin! 

cowboy boots with shorts

I found the turquoise and emerald green pairing to be a little odd so I later switched to the vintage black rain boots creating a monochromatic look and boom another thin trick! I was down to waif size minutes after posing.

I'm kidding. I only care about being tall and thin a little bit. I'm healthy and that's enough for me.

shorts worn with tights and boots
THRIFT Talbot's cardigan - graphic tee - purple hobo bag - cuffed walking shorts RETAIL Falke tights GIFT Diba Park Stop cowboy boots

In other news, I had a ball at the clothing swap party. I'm planning to write something up but just in case I get around to it later rather than sooner, here's Christie of Living Simplistically's recap.

I'm headed to Las Vegas on Saturday. If this is your hood, where should I go thrifting? I'm looking for very cheap with awesome finds!



Shon said...

You are hilarious! I love this look and the boots are really cute.

I can't wait to hear more on the swap. There is one here this weekend for Earth Day and I am trying to swing by and make my daughter's soccer tourney.

I have only been to one, any tips??

Thanks and enjoy your week!

Fashion Pad said...

LOL....girl I LOVE those boots!

Salimo said...

You look wonderful, I love this look and the boots are really cute. Thanks for sharing those lovely pics and your ideas.

Ally @ Fever Thrift said...

Sounds like a diet I'd be down with. That purple bag is so pretty- I'm definitely jealous of that find. I had some friends who visited Chicago this past weekend and said that it snowed there! I am NOT jealous of that. said...

Great color combo, love the picture with "baby girl" walking away. Enjoy Vegas and remember, "what happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas" - be safe sis!

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