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$30 Thrift Haul: vintage Gucci, boots, gloves and more!

I spent $30 at my last thrift haul. I scored 2 purses (including a vintage Gucci), a vintage blouse, 2 pairs of gloves, 3 hats, 2 scarves, 6 sweaters, a half slip, a pair of shoes, and 2 pairs of boots! 

thrift stores that sell gucci bags

V and I headed over to Unique Thrift Store to check out the $10 bag sale. While the bag was bigger than the other bag sale bags, there were some strict rules this time around. Of course, I had a few other purchases that didn't make "the bag" either but I bought them anyway.

Winter coats, boots, scarves, hats, and gloves were the only items allowed in bag plus the bag had to be able to closet completely. All items had to be under the bag handles. Really?

I had an awesome leather jacket and a leopard print jacket that didn't make the cut because they were defined as blazers by the powers that be. My heart aches for the ones left behind. 

Dramatic, much?

Thrift store haul found gucci purse
PURSES blue vintage shoulder bag - vintage 80s Gucci oval crossbody bag

When I heard the rules, I had no intention of going over to the purse aisle. I just casually walked by and the blue was so amazing on the vintage bag that I had to have it. 

While strolling away, I spotted the Gucci in a box waiting to be put out on the floor. 

I don't know if it's real or not. I'm no expert but it's very well made with even stitching and it has a serial number. I love it and decided to go ahead and pay the $4.50 for it.

Judith Ann Creations found at thrift store
TOP vintage Judith Ann Creations Inc. beaded blouse

This is one of those I don't know what I'm going to do with this but I want it pieces. It's a drop waisted surplice side tie blouse from the 80's. You want it right? Ok maybe it's only me. I did a quick Google search on the label and found some pieces from the line with price tags in the $100s. Lots of beading, sequins, and bright colors! Does that ever go out of style?

Thrift Haul kombi and vintage sheer gloves
GLOVES Kombi mittens - vintage sheer black gloves

I lose gloves all the time so I like to keep a supply. The Kombi mittens are amazing with layers and layers of soft warm fabrics. The retail cost is 3 times the price of my $10 bag. 

I still continue to buy vintage gloves and hoard them. Gahh I love them. I am going to rock these, I promise. They are so dainty and lady-like. Dior and Miu Miu had gloves on the Spring 2013 runway so I suspect there's a trend on the horizon.

Thrift Haul hats
HATS green - handmade faux fur - pink knit

These hats fit my head and hair therefore I had to buy them. The vintage faux fur one is more of a bonnet. It looks kind of ridiculous. I was intrigued. I may end up refashioning it.

Thrift Haul scarves
SCARVES faux fur - Express infinity scarf

I bought these as bag filler. I don't really need scarves. I had room in my bag. Why not add more accessories? So when I'm wearing the same clothes back to back remixing, I can pretend it's a brand new outfit.

Thrift Haul sweaters
SWEATERS vintage button up with hood - red / blue varsity sweater - orange Liz Claiborne with gold shoulder buttons

These are all from decades past and they work well in my closet. The hooded one is the perfect color for a dye job. Emerald green? Tangerine? Chartreuse? 

The varsity style boyfriend sweater will look great belted with jeans and booties. Effortless chic.  

Orange is a great color for me and I love the gold shoulder buttons. I think it's another casual look that would be great for errand running.

thrift haul sweaters for winter
SWEATERS Talbot's button up - Isaac Mizrahi for Target lime green button up - Sonoma shawl collar

Just a few more sweaters!

vintage slip found at thrift store

Hi, I'm a slip and I'm really random! I saw it and threw it in the cart. 

Thrift Haul shoes
SHOES Details Made in Brazil wedge ankle strap - Stride Rite snow boots - vintage rubber fleece lined cowboy boots

No shoes allowed in "the bag" so I had to pay $4 for the wedge shoes. They look brand new and I love ankle straps. 

I bought real snow boots for me and Ms. V. She can really go deep in the snow with these without it melting and seeping inside like with her fancy boots.

I thought the vintage rubber boots looked cool and would be perfect for walking in the snow. I hate how salt gets all over my other boots and permanently stains them. They are made to look like cowboy boots and have a little heel.

Whew! Done.

Guess what? There's another .87 per pound sale at Salvation Army next week. Should I go?

What have you thrifted lately?

Happy Friday and have a good weekend!
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