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A Complete Outfit for $25!

Here I am wearing a complete outfit for $25. I tell you it is good to have friends. A friend visited Ethiopia and brought back this comfy cape for me. So much better than a keychain, right? I swapped Joe's jeans with another friend. I've thrifted several pairs that do not fit me so I gave her a pair and she gave me a pair of hers.

rasta colors dreadlocked woman

I love the cape. Red, gold, and green is one of my favorite color combinations. It's the color of the Ethiopian flag and adopted by Rastafarian and dreadlock culture. While not Rastafarian, I agree with certain aspects of the culture like....equality of all people. What did you think I meant? My "Snoop Lion" days are behind me. If this randomness makes no sense at all to you, message me and I will explain. :)

Now back to the program. It's a lightweight jersey and I can't wait to wear it while having lunch al fresco....I think spring fever is setting in! I'm so anxious for the warm weather. The days are longer and when the sun comes out it looks like a warm breezy day. Not so, it is deceptively cold around these parts.

Ethiopian cape

While I feel compelled to twirl around in it, V prefers to wear it with her arms outstretched. She proudly proclaims she's super duper when I wrap it around her.

rasta colors dreadlocks

I need to put in a jeans hems. I've tucked them under for now. They are super long! I am so jeans challenged. It's hard to find a great pair. I know I'm not alone. Do you have the perfect pair (of jeans)?

Betsey Johnson ankle boots under $20

Completed the outfit with my $5 Gap sweater from a consignment shop and the left baby toe killing booties I got for a steal at Amazon.

What to wear with a cape
THRIFT Gap sweater - belt FREE Ethiopian cape - Joe's Jeans RETAIL Betsey Johnson booties

In other news, did you catch the Shutterfly giveaway? There's a photo acrylic block up for grabs! Great for your home, office, or as a gift. Check it out.


Aracely said...

Love the cape, great outfit! I'm convinced one day I'll find the perfect pair of jeans, still on the hunt. Sorry about the toe! :)

Girl...get a life! said...

Love the cape! And you're glowing. :)

Sorry that you're feeling jeans challenged. Not to boast, but I have a half dozen 'perfect' pairs. I find Joes, Theory and Lucky Brand jeans fit me wonderfully.

Shon said...

Love it!! Why am I winding it up though?? Ok, I will behave.#Reggaefan

Now, your cape is gorgeous and the lighting is so perfect for your shots. Ugh, the price of beauty. I do not have the perfect jeans in every cut, that would be a dream. Sorry about your poor pinky toe..those boots were not made for walking.

Tia Lou said...

Love the cape and those boots!!!

Olivia Lane said...

awesome cape! i'm excited about the longer days too. Yay spring!

Karen Curtis said...

Cape twins! Love the colors! You always find the best things!


Sherry said...

Love the cape! This is such a fun outfit!

Bumper-Rush said...

My favorite pair of jeans were $4. Old navy. Skinny. Medium blue. Stretch fabric blended with denim. Zippered ankles. Right now they have a hole...but I have a tailor will fix when time allows

Fashion Pad said...

Those boots and that cape.....gimme!!!

Aga Guerrero Olesinska said...

Pretty look, love this colourful cape

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