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Thrifted Treasure: Summer Skirt in the Fall

Quick Thrift Adventure Story

The only joy Violet finds in a thrift store is chewing on the hangers. I gave up on trying to keep them out of her mouth. I normally try to keep them out of sight but last week she got her hands on one. I let her have it just to maintain the peace. Two workers walk by and see this and one exclaims loudly, "she has a hanger in her mouth, they're very very dirty"! My reply, "I know". My baby has cootie mouth. The end.

...and now on to What I'm Wearing

I love this skirt. I bought it during my 50% off day haul at Unique. I didn't think I would be wearing it until next year when the warm weather returned. I couldn't wait so I put it on surrounded by warm clothing including the $5 thrifted Gap sweater.

The tribal print has a mix of orange, red, and purple. It's comfortable (partial elastic waist), washable, lined, and has pockets! I don't remember the exact cost but I'm sure it was under $3. *raises the roof*

Get out of my shot, MamaRoo!

Summer clothes in winter? Yay or nay? 
Is my daughter the only cootie mouth out there?
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