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Thrifting Thursday: All Black with a Bow

V and I went to a meetup at Kookaburra today. I wanted to be comfortable while scooting around on the floor and following V around. The shorts are from the epic thrift haul with BFF and I recently bought the sweater over the weekend. The bow is a scarf I thrifted a long long time ago.

During the epic thrift haul I was looking specifically for shorts. I thought it would be a nice way to show some leg this summer and also avoid showing all my bits playing around with V. The temps are dipping fast over here so I added tights for warmth.

I don't buy a lot of scoop neck sweaters but this one is a super soft acrylic/angora blend. It's from an expensive thrift store that was making room for their new fall items by having a sale. All the clothing in the store was either $5 (upstairs) or $2 (downstairs). I got the sweater downstairs. The original price was $12. Woot! Woot! SN: They were also selling Louis Vuitton handbags for $50 on sale. Good but definitely not Woot! Woot!

I don't think I've ever worn this scarf until today. It was just there in bag o' scarves. I was looking for something to perk up this all black "mamafit". I tied it in a bow and kinda loved it. It's also keeping my hair out of my face...perfect for play time!

I love these shoes.
I wear them almost everyday.
That's probably why they're so worn out and in need of some DIY love.
Button detail on the shoulder. $2 well spent.
Do you thrift the basics or look for show stoppers?
Shorts and tights? What say you?
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