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DIY mom jeans to skinny jeans

I thrifted these jeans because I love all animal prints. I can't resist them. The turquoise snakeskin print was just too awesome to pass up. I knew I would turn them into skinny jeans. They were total mom jeans. High waisted, tapered, and butt flattening.

It was really easy to skinny them. This also works on wide leg to straight leg. If you go from a wide leg to a skinny leg, you may run into some fit issues in the crotch. Fixing the crotch gets complicated. 

DIY Skinny Jeans from thrifted mom jeans

Working on these skinny jeans reminded me of my youth. Back then, I would make ultra skinny jeans sans sewing machine. All hand sewn! I can't imagine doing that now. 

I'm thinking about wax coating them next. What do you think? 

DIY Skinny Jeans from thrifted mom jeans

I wore footless tights under my pants and they pulled my pants down and created a lovely crotch pooch. I'm trying to hide it from the camera.

DIY Skinny Jeans from thrifted mom jeans

Much better!

DIY Skinny Jeans from thrifted mom jeans
Not really. I just wanted to make sure you were still with me. :)

I don't normally pair vintage (80s era) with vintage (90s era) but I really wanted to see what this color combo looked like. I like it but the pants falling down is an issue. The petal front blouse kept exposing my belly. This outfit is way to complicated. 

I like both pieces so the next time you seem them I'll be in a longer top and wearing a belt and and wearing the blouse with a tank and jeans.

V photobombed throughout. She becomes super clingy when she senses I'm on my way out. She sat up shop with her toys. She never plays in the hallway. Ever. This is the first time. She didn't want to play on the other side of the tripod either. Nope. Had to be right in the shot. It's Violet's world.

DIY Skinny Jeans from thrifted mom jeans

DIY Skinny Jeans from thrifted mom jeans
blouse // Ms. Paquette / thrifted
jeans // Dana Buchman thrifted
pumps // Marc Fisher


Yanira Garza said...

Hehehe...LOVE the crotch pooch. It should be the craze of 2013!

Vizion Heiry said...

I love the combo! I can't see the crotch pooch. Great upcycle! Thanks for the simple directions to change jeans into skinny jeans. Now I have to buy some skinny jeans so I can have a pattern to trace other jeans.

Tyric said...

Lol, very nice recreation. I think DIY's are so cool, if I could only stop being so lazy and actually do something myself then I'd be just as talented. Very nice job!
TY said...

Very nice - did a great job.

Tracey @ said...

What a great idea! You look fabulous!

GreenPath Baby said...

Great tutorial! Love the way it looks!

Shannon said...

I am far too lazy to attempt something like that! I much prefer half price jeans day at Goodwill or something. I am so picky about my jeans, I don't want to mess with them!

Nikki said...

Very cute, you did a great job!

Fashion Pad said...

Awesome!!! I need to get started on a couple of DIY projects and you just inspired me. Great job and chic combo!

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

I love it! you did a really great job, my DIY skills ain't that fancy! said...

You make the diy sound so easy! If only I had sewing skills like that!


Becky Goddard-Hill said...

We love a bit of theriftying over at the frugal friday fashion show! great upcycle

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