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DIY Animal Sweater

I love the animal sweater trend. They tap into my love of gaudy, kitschy awesomeness. Since I'm prone to fickleness, I grabbed a grandpa sweater (really just a well worn but cozy men's sweater) from my last thrift haul and DIY'd the trend. 

Fox Sweater

I plan to make a couple of more and add a little more flair, maybe bling out my animal but I kept it simple for the first one -- cut and sew. It took about an hour to complete.

Materials needed:

(plucked an image from the internet and enlarged it)
(a south african print from my stash)
sew-in interfacing
sewing machine

Fox Sweater

Step 1:
Cut fabric in shape of template.
Fox Sweater

Step 2:
Cut interfacing in shape of template.
Fox Sweater

Step 3:
Not really a step, just want to show the machine settings I used to sew around image.
Sewing Machine

Step 4:
Pin fabric and interfacing to sweater.
Fox Sweater

Step 5:
Sew around image.
Fox Sweater

That's it!

The only probably I encountered was with the sweater bunching up underneath the fabric while sewing. Next time I'll start at the top and work my way down and be more mindful of the stitches. I had to use my seam ripper a couple of few times.

Fox Sweater

When I finished, I took an unofficial poll asking what my animal is because E called it a cat. I'm definitely going for F-O-X!

What say you?
Fox Sweater

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

In local news: I compiled a list of Black Friday deals for thrifters on ChicagoNow. Give it a looksie if you're planning to do some shopping tomorrow!


LA Lynn's said...

This is too cute... Thanks for sharing!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Splendor said...

So so cute!

Jenny said...

ow nice job!

X Jenny

Cecil in Rome said...

Fantastic work!

Megan, said...

it looks amazing, great work

ChicStreetChoc Eriel said...

love this!
this post is really amazing!I love your sense of style!!

YUMMommy said...

Love it! Can't wait to see if Santa is bringing me a new sewing machine so I can try this out.

Babblings of a Mommy said...

It looks great! Good job!

Visiting you from Monday Mingle.


Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos said...

This is amazing! You combined two of my favorite things of the moment: DIY and animal prints. And it turned out fabulously!!!

Rubi Diaz said...

I like what you did with that sweater! Super cute! Found on thrifters anonymous!


Nika Marie said...

cute... I like how this all came together! Thanks for sharing

Chandra said...

Now I know what you can get me for Christmas :) Love this tutorial!

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