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Thriftanista Style File: Shiny jacket and snakeskin peplum

Last night I attended the launch party for Seamless' iPad app at Highball Lounge. I felt like I had stepped into a Mad Men episode and the ladies restroom looked like a Tiffany's box.

I ordered a meal using the app and the food was promptly delivered. It was pretty seamless! No problems. I went with girlgetalife and she ordered from a different restaurant. So we ate together but at different restaurants. :)

What I Wore

The jacket I'm wearing is at least 10 years old. I thought it was so dope when I bought it AND the matching boot cut pants. I loved it so much I had the cheap fabric tailored to fit my short limbs. Later on, I felt like a mobster in a bad shiny suit. I'm pretty sure I got rid of the pants many years ago. I kept the jacket because I keep all jackets. With trends repeating over and over again, I know that I may end up wearing it again.

One thing about this particular piece...I do remember the fit being a bit roomier though. Funny how clothing shrinks in the closet the longer you have them.

I've worn the peplum top and belt before here. I love the look and yet this is my 2nd time wearing it. Odd.

The jeans are from Chico Designs. Lots of butt coverage with these pants. Yes. Yes. I will be trolling the thrift store for more of these.

Grey jacket - NY & Company
Red snakeskin print blouse - Nicola (thrifted)
Leopard print belt - unknown (thrifted)
Black denim pants - Chico Designs (thrifted)

Black pumps - Marc Fischer

My delicious food from Oysy - tuna tartare and sushi.

My delicious drink - a soon to be named concoction with St. Germain in it.
Yep, still on a St. Germain bender.

My gift cards - I won a prize for tweeting.
Dinner's on me. Who's coming over?
What clothes do you hold on to? Do you have favorite pieces that never get worn?


Fashion Pad said...

I have too many pieces that I love that never get worn. I have to correct that. Anyhew, I love your blazer and you look fab!

Mama Violet said...

Thank you! Go shop your closet now!

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