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Thrifted Treasure: Red Snakeskin, Velvet, and Leopard

Last weekend I attended the Makeup and Martinis Chicago. I wore the red snakeskin print blouse I thrifted in Ohio for about $.65. I love animal print but this is my first snakeskin print. It's also nipped in the waist peplum style which I lovecg.

I paired it with my thrifted velvet Banana Republic pants. They're wide legged and extremely long. My goal is to shorten and make them more of a straight leg.

The belt is an old thrifted item that I adore. I wear it all the time. I brought it out because I was feeling a bit Christmas-y with just the red and black. Coincidently, there was a vendor at the event who was going and on about people wearing too much animal print. Is there such a thing?

Just look at all that excitement on my face.
Me with Cj of Love Your Naps.
I won the ticket for the event via a contest on her blog.
What is the cheapest item you have ever thrifted? Double animal print? Have you? Would you?
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