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Thrifting Thursday: Romper and Red Shoes

I bought this romper during the epic thrift haul event with BFF. I love rompers and I'm glad they've made a small comeback this summer. This one features lovely coconut shell buttons and a paisley pattern that reminds me of my South African fabric. It has pockets too!

True story: I've been unknowingly wearing it backwards. I put it on this morning and a noticed the pocket on my back. How did I miss that? So now that I know the buttons are in the back this makes it a little bit more difficult to wear and it's definitely not breast-feeding friendly. I could continue to wear it the other way too. I would have to remove the button and wear my hair down so it's not so noticeable.

Romper - $2.80
The shoes are also from the haul. Ooooweee! I love shoes with a wedge. I love ankle straps. These were meant for me. The red patent with gold buckles look so good together. Good way to add a little POW to your outfit!

WOA: To clean your new to you thrift store shoes. Clean them well with sudsy water. Disinfect with alcohol. Sometimes I spray them with a disinfecting spray too. Add a shoe pad for an extra layer between you and the shoe. I mainly add the pad to shoes I can't see inside of like boots.

I use to be apprehensive but I've gotten over it. I've never gotten any toe/foot "fun guys" from them.
Enzo Angiolini - $3.80.
A bit over my max but I really liked them, they're in great condition and they are my size.
Do you wear thrift store shoes? Have a good cleaning tip?


Abigael said...

At the moment I´m in love with african style ! cute dress miss :)

Girl...get a life said...

I'm soo debating wearing a romper tonight

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I don't thrift like you do, and if you remember, the day you took me out was a bust. But...I'd wear second hand shoes--after all, new shoes get tried on by who knows how many women before we buy them. I think those are great shoes! As for the romper, I'm too long of a torso to wear one, so this comment finds me envious on many levels!

Mama Violet said...

@Abigael I love tribal/african prints too!

@Girl ROCK IT!

@Ellen I have a long waist and most elastic waist clothing is around my bust. This one was so right...we'll have to do a thrift trip again. I've been having great luck lately.

Laila said...

I have yet to get shoes from the thrift store. I'll add it to my list.

DaenelT said...

Girlfriend! Love Love Love the shoes. I've never worn a romper before. I don't know if I can (I'm kinda thick, ya know?). (and for the record I'm incredibly jealous that you and Ellen get to hang out together).

Mama Violet said...

@Laila Sunday!!! woohooo!

Mama Violet said...

@DaenelT thanks! I wasn't looking for shoes. they just appeared.

Ellen is local but still far far away. We used to live really close to each other.

Cherrie J. said...

LOVE the romper hun! Its amazingggg!!! And I have a romper with buttons on the back too. Im tempted to wear it the wrong way because when I have to go the restroom its a pain. Did i mention how jealous I am of that romper?! lol


Mama Violet said...

@Cherrie J. thanks! Did I mention I want your entire wardrobe? :)

Geriee the Glamazon said...

OOOOOHHH love this!!!

Mama Violet said...

@Geriee the Glamazon thanks!

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