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Thrifting Thursday: Dating Myself

I bought this top at Village Discount Outlet on a recent thrift binge with BFF. We had so much stuff. I spent $36 (15 items) which is $16 over my normal limit but I liked everything and couldn't leave anything behind. This was an epic thrift adventure!

I love the colors of the psychedelic print. It was also flattering when I tried it on. It can be a a vest or a shirt. Even though my arms are fully exposed (no likey), I loved the look. It's part Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and part Jem (shout out to the mamas born in the 70s).

I hesitate a bit when I buy the older rags because I don't want to look like a complete throwback. Pairing it with the maxi dress makes it look more current. I like it.

When thrifting, do you look for more modern pieces or venture into previous decades?
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